Why Eyeglasses May Be a Better Choice Than Contact Lenses

Eyeglasses are a wonderful solution for correcting your vision. Not only can you find trendy, attractive frames that flatter your face, but eyeglasses are usually an easier, more affordable option than contact lenses. Youroptician in Portland, OR, can tell you all you need to know about why eyeglasses may be the better solution for you.

What’s Wrong With Contact Lenses? 

When it comes to eyeglasses versus contact lenses, there may be no right or wrong choice. Both will correct vision, and both are popular options in eyewear. However, when it comes to convenience and durability, contact lenses rank second on the list. Still, for patients who don’t want to be encumbered by frames or who don’t want others to know they’re using corrective lenses, contacts are a fine solution. For most people, it simply comes down to personal preference.

Why Should I Choose Eyeglasses over Contacts? 

While both solutions are sound, eyeglasses may simply be a better choice for many patients. This is especially true for younger children and teens who may not be ready for a complicated care routine like that required by contact lenses. Eyeglasses have many benefits, including:


You may wish to choose eyeglasses over contact lenses if you’re working within a budget. Eyeglasses may be more expensive in the beginning, but they’ll last for years with conscientious care. Contacts, conversely, must be replaced on a daily, biweekly, or monthly basis.

Ease of Maintenance

An occasional spritz with lens cleaner and a quick wipe with a soft cloth are all that’s needed to keep eyeglasses clean and shining. However, contact lenses require a special sanitizing solution and must be stored wet to preserve them.

Risk of Eye Infection

Eyeglasses pose no risk of eye infection, but contact lenses do. This is especially true for those who don’t clean them enough, who wear them too long between cleanings, or who wear their contacts past the expiration date.

Protection from UV Rays

Most contact lenses offer little-to-no protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, you can easily have a protective UV coating applied to eyeglasses. You can even opt for eyeglasses that darken for use as sunglasses when you enter the bright, outdoor light.

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Why Are the Whites of My Eyes Dull?

The eyes are highly expressive and can communicate inner feelings without words. The eyes are also communicative in a medical sense. They can impart information about the health of the eyes and the rest of the body under the process of an eye exam.

In fact, some signs exuded by the eyes regarding health are so obvious that even a non-medical person can notice. This is the case when the whites of the eyes are discolored. Remember, the eyes are vulnerable organs of the body, and they need protection to keep them healthy and functional. One of the best ways to protect eyes is to wear sunglasses in Portland, OR to shield eyes from UV rays. Sunglasses can help to avoid any issues with discolored whites of the eyes in some cases.

Understanding the Whites of the Eyes

What laypersons call the whites of the eyes is actually termed the “sclera.” This is a protective layer over the eyes, covering more than 80% of the eyeball. The sclera is supposed to appear white when it is healthy. If it is any other color, that is a strong indicator that something is amiss, either with the eye itself or with the body.

You’ve likely seen something like this for yourself. After a long day at work looking at a computer screen or even after too many hours spent doing something that strains the eyes, you may find that your eyes appear bloodshot, with redness overtaking the whites of the eyes. This is a temporary condition that will resolve itself after adequate rest.

Causes of Discolored Sclera

Because there can be many different reasons for discolored sclera, you should book an appointment for an eye exam if you notice any discoloration. Common causes include:

  • Allergic reaction to new eye drops
  • Side effect of prescription medication, especially antibiotics
  • Underlying condition, such as liver disease or liver failure
  • Subconjunctival hemorrhage
  • Inadequate sun protection via sunglasses in Portland, OR
  • Primary acquired melanosis (precancerous condition)

As you can tell, discolored sclera is often a serious sign that something needs to be addressed. If the whites of your eyes are dull or discolored in any way, be sure to schedule a visit for an eye exam right away. Do not attempt to brush off the discoloration as benign, or try to diagnose your own condition.

3 Tips to Make Your Eyewear More Comfortable

Those who have worn prescription eyeglasses in Portland, OR for a number of years eventually don’t even notice they’re wearing them. At first, you may notice that you’re wearing eyewear. Over time, it shouldn’t be obvious to you that you’re wearing an eyeglasses on your face. But sometimes, eyeglasses can become increasingly uncomfortable. When or if this happens, here are three tips to make your eyewear more comfortable.

1. Apply Nose Pads

Have you ever worn your eyeglasses all day long and begun to feel a kind of pressure on the bridge of your nose? You’ve probably seen people remove eyeglasses and hold and massage the bridge of their nose. Even plastic eyeglasses can feel “heavy” after a long day’s use. To alleviate this sensation, apply cushioned nose pads. These small pieces of adhesive foam can do wonders to make your plastic or metal lenses more comfortable. They do have a tendency to come off over time, so invest in several. They are very inexpensive and readily available.

2. Get Eyeglasses Adjusted

Your eyeglasses in Portland, OR should feel relatively comfortable. If they aren’t—if they “poke” the sides of your head or ears, or if the bottoms of the lenses are hitting your cheeks—chances are they need to be adjusted. Bring them into your eyewear shop in Portland, OR to have them adjusted. Even if you didn’t originally buy them at Asterix Eyewear, we can still make the adjustment for you on prescription eyewear and sunglasses.

3. Store Eyeglasses in Case

You can keep your eyewear more comfortable by simply storing them inside their case when not in use. The most common cause of eyewear getting out of shape is due to mishandling. It’s also very common for people to accidentally sit on stray eyeglasses left behind on sofas, chairs or even the floor. Professionals recommend that you keep several eyeglass cases in various locations around your home and office so you don’t have to go around looking for a case when you want to remove your eyeglasses.This will make it more likely that you’ll use the case to begin with.

These three simple tips can help you to have the most comfortable experience possible while wearing your eyeglasses. Contact us today for a wide selection of prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses!

Never Lose Your Eyeglasses Again With These Tips

When you received your glasses from your eye doctor in Portland, OR, you made an investment in your vision. Certainly, you would want to hold onto your eyeglasses for as long as possible. Unfortunately, it’s very common to lose eyeglasses. Primarily, this is because people tend to take eyeglasses off multiple times during the day and then the glasses get misplaced. Here are some ways to never lose your eyeglasses again!

Always Put Them in the Same Place

Just like your car keys, you should always put your glasses in the same place when you put them down. When you do this, you’ll always know where to start looking for them. Of course, eye glasses are taken off for many reasons, so you’ll need a few “designated spots” for your glasses. For example, at night, leave them on the nightstand when you go to bed, not the bathroom vanity or in your walk-in closet. At work, keep them in your pencil drawer (inside their case) if you need to remove them for an extended period of time. In the car, you might choose to hold them in the door pocket or the console or glove box. Just make sure you choose one spot and use it every time.

Bling Your Eyeglass Case

Eyeglass cases tend to be so “blah” that they don’t stand out from other clutter. Vow to always put your glasses in their case when not in use, and bling your eyeglasses case. Either purchase a more stylish case that really stands out, or add some adhesive sparkle components. That way, your glasses case will be impossible to miss in any room.

Use a Finder Tag

You can also install a finder tag to your eyeglasses case. Either get the kind that hangs on a lanyard, or one that is adhesive, that you can stick to the eyeglass case. With these handy devices, you simply pair it with an app and the finder tag will beep to let you know where your eyeglasses case is.

Keeping track of your eyeglasses in Portland, OR is easier when you use one or all of these tips. You won’t need to waste another minute looking for your prescription eyewear!

How to Make Your Child More Comfortable Wearing Glasses

Congratulations on identifying your child’s vision problems and having them fitted with glasses! Unfortunately, glasses won’t work unless your child actually wears them. Your child may feel embarrassed about wearing glasses. In some cases, glasses have been known to be stuffed into backpacks as soon as parents are of sight. The help of teachers has even been enlisted to remind kids to wear their glasses in the classroom. However, there’s a better way. Use these ideas to make your child more comfortable wearing glasses.

Start Them Out With Sunglasses

Your child will probably feel more comfortable wearing sunglasses since a lot of people wear them. Start your child out with wearing sunglasses, so they can get accustomed to the sensation and experience of wearing glasses. This is also a great opportunity to teach them about caring for glasses in general.

Wear Your Own Glasses

Poor eyesight often runs in the family. If you wear glasses, make sure you wear them instead of contact lenses, as much as possible. Most kids identify with their parents, so if you’re wearing eyeglasses, your child will feel better about wearing them, too.

Point Out Other Kids With Glasses

As you go about your daily errands, point out other kids who are wearing glasses. Before that, your child may not have noticed that other kids need glasses. In fact, you may want to point out that if they didn’t notice, then others won’t notice their glasses, either.

Read Books About Wearing Glasses

There may be some cute books about a child getting their first glasses. Consult with your librarian to source books like these.

Find Pictures of Famous People Wearing Glasses

Remind your child that the smartest people in the world wear glasses. Find pictures of people like Bill Gates, Einstein, Elon Musk and more.

Let Them Choose Their Own

Let your child pick out their own glasses. This gives them a sense of ownership, and they’ll be more likely to feel good about wearing them.

When your child feels more comfortable wearing their glasses, you won’t have to struggle to get them to wear them when you aren’t looking. To have your child fitted for eyeglasses, contact us today.


Can I Put New Lenses Into Vintage Eye Glass Frames?

Do you have a pair of old glasses you simply love? Maybe you found them at an estate sale or in a consignment shop, and you love the way they frame your face. The problem is that you can see through the lenses. Because you need prescription eye glasses, vintage options like these won’t work. You’ll look great, but you’ll be unable to see in the process.

Luckily, in most cases, you can have new prescription lenses ground and shaped to fit old, vintage frames. All that’s required is a visit to your local eye professional.

How Do I Get New Lenses into Vintage Frames?

Ask your vision specialist about the possibility of using vintage frames to house your new prescription lenses. In most instances, it should not be a problem. There are, however, times when the procedure is not possible. Everything depends upon:

  • The condition of the vintage frames
  • Your prescription requirements
  • The curvature, size, and shape of the frames you’d like to use

If you choose frames that are in poor condition, that are too fragile to hold the lenses you need, or simply won’t work with your prescription, your vision professional will have a suitable solution.

What Do I Need to Bring With Me?

Bring the vintage frames you’d like to use to your vision appointment. Your eye doctor will perform an eye exam to determine your prescription. They will then be able to tell you whether the frames you’d like to use are compatible. If not, you’ll have many other frames from which to choose. If you would still like to use vintage frames, your vision specialist will be able to advise you on the correct shape and size of the ones you’ll need to provide.

Contact Asterix Eyewear Today

When you’re ready to put new lenses into vintage frames, contact Asterix Eyewear, in Portland, OR. Our fast and friendly eyewear specialists are professionals at solving eyeglass problems in the Portland area. Whether you need a simple vision checkup or something more, we’re waiting to help. Call today to schedule a consultation.


How to Choose Attractive Frames For the Shape of Your Face

You might think that it will be easy to choose eyeglass frames. After all, eyeglass frames don’t need to perform any other function other than to help make you look attractive. But often, it can take a very long time to choose eyeglass frames out of the many selections in the eyewear office. When you’re ready to choose eyeglass frames; either four prescription lenses for sunglasses, here are some tips to choose attractive frames that will suit the shape of your face and help make you look attractive.

Determine the Shape of Your Face

Before heading to the eyewear store, figure out what the shape of your face is. You’ve been looking at your own face for years, but many people don’t even realize what shape their own faces. To determine the shape of your face, stand in front of the mirror. Pull your hair back away from your face. Use a lipstick, crayon or watercolor marker to drawing an outline of your face in the mirror. Follow the outline of your face all the way up to the hairline. Now stand back and look at the shape that you drew. The shape will be either a square, a circle or an oval. Now that you know the shape of your face, it’s time to head to the eyewear store and choose your eyeglass frames.

Bring a Friend

Sometimes it’s hard to look at yourself objectively and figure out if you really liked the look of a particular pair of eyeglass frames. It helps if you bring a friend along with you who will be honest with you about their opinion. That way, you have more than one opinion about the frames that you’re considering. You can also enlist the help of the staff. They are usually very good at giving their opinions on individual frames.

Choose Frames That Are The Opposite Of Your Face Shape

This is a trick that many fashion designers use. If you discover that you have a square face shape, then you should choose eyeglass frames that are rounded. If you have a round or oval face shape, you should choose eyeglass frames that are more square or rectangular.

These little tips one sure that you choose the most attractive frames for the shape of your face. As always, if you have any questions about your eyeglass frame options, please feel free to contact us.