Your Child’s First Pair of Glasses: How to Teach Your Child Eye Wear Care

Some children need eyeglasses from a very early age. If you’ve just purchased your child eyeglasses in Portland, OR, then now is the time to help your child learn to eye wear care. Instilling your child with good habits now will help you avoid problems like lost and broken glasses in the future.

As your eye doctor in Portland, we’ve got lots of experience helping parents and children adjust to wearing glasses. We can help! Below are some suggestions that can help you teach your child to care for their new specs.

Get Your Child Invested In Their Glasses

Giving your child a choice about which glasses they will wear will help them feel some level of investment in their glasses. If you don’t feel like your child is fully up to the task of choosing a pair of glasses on their own, choose three or four pairs from them to choose from.

Help Your Child Establish Good Wearing Habits

The best way to avoid breaking or losing your glasses is to always leave them on your face. Your child may be tempted to take their glasses off and leave them in places around the house. Stop them from forming this habit. If necessary, buy your child a strap that will keep their glasses on their head. If your child does take off their glasses, remind them to put their glasses back on ASAP.

Establish a Safe Space Where Glasses “Live”

Your child will need to take off their glasses at night. Have your child pick a place where the glasses will be kept when they’re not on your child’s face. Train your child to leave their glasses in this place, and only in this place.

Teach Your Child To Use Their Glasses Case

Hopefully your child’s eye doctor provided you with a case when you bought your child’s new pair of eyeglasses. Teach your child to use this glasses case any time they remove the glasses. If needed, buy your child an additional glasses case and send it to their school, so they’ll have a case there if it’s needed.

Have questions about how to help your child learn to take care of their glasses? Talk to your eye doctor in Portland, OR. Call Asterix today.

Your Child Keeps Losing Their Glasses? Ways to Break the Cycle

Kids lose their glasses frequently! If your little one keeps losing their glasses, you can help your child to learn to be more responsible with their glasses by following these suggestions.

By establishing a place where glasses are always placed, by getting a flashy case, and by having your child wear their glasses all the time, you can help your child break the cycle of losing their glasses. You can also get more advice by talking to your eye doctor in Portland, OR. Here’s what you need to know.

Establish a Place Where Your Child’s Glasses “Live”

One of the best things your child can do to stop themselves from losing their glasses is to establish a single place where the glasses are always kept. Consider putting a basket or a tray on your child’s nightstand. Tell your child this place is the home for their glasses. They can only leave their glasses in this one spot.

Get a Flashy Case

Have your child get a noticeable, flashy case for their glasses. The more colorful the case, the better! Bright, loud colors are easier to spot and harder to lose, and glasses cases are often bigger and easier to see than the glasses themselves. Tell your child that, if they must take the glasses of their face, they should always put their glasses in their case.

Have Them Wear Their Glasses All the Time

Of course, the most effective way to not lose a pair of glasses is to wear them all the time. If you see your child not wearing their glasses, ask them what they did with their glasses and ask them to put the glasses back on.

By establishing the expectation that your child wears their glasses all the time, you can help your child keep track of their glasses.

Make An Appointment to Get a Second Pair of Glasses

If your child loses their glasses regularly, then it’s a good idea to have a second pair of emergency glasses on hand. Make an appointment to get eyeglasses in Portland, OR, so your child will always have a pair to wear. Call today.

Sunglasses for Kids – Common Parent FAQs

You probably know how important it is to wear sunglasses yourself, but have you picked up a pair for your children? Finding sunglasses in Portland, OR for children is easy when you entrust a good optics center that has a nice selection of products. Take a look at a few common questions parents tend to have about children and sunglasses.

Do kids really need to wear sunglasses?

Even though about three out of four adults wear sunglasses, only about half of those adults make sure their kids are wearing sunglasses as well. However, UV exposure is just as hard on the eyes of children as it is on the eyes of adults. Therefore, it is definitely important for children to wear sunglasses. It truly is never too early for children to start protecting their eyes.

How do you find the best sunglasses for kids?

Just as it is when shopping for good sunglasses for adults, you have to be careful what you buy. While you can find kid-friendly or kid-themed sunglasses in a lot of stores, not all of them are created to offer protection. Be sure you watch for sunglasses that fit well and fit comfortably, but also meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and protect against UVB and UVA rays.

How can you encourage your child to wear sunglasses?

Children may be more apprehensive about wearing sunglasses simply because they don’t understand why they need to wear them. First and foremost, be sure the glasses you choose are comfortable for the child to wear. Second, talk to your children about the dangers of not wearing sunglasses. Let them know their vision could be at risk with too much sunlight exposure. Another good pointer, get your child involved in picking out the frames; children will be more likely to wear what you buy if they chose them.

Find High-Quality Sunglasses from a Portland Optics Center

When your children step out into the sunlight, they should have protected eyes with well-made sunglasses just for them. If you are looking for sunglasses for your children, be sure to swing by and see us at Asterix Eyewear in Portland, OR to look at our collection. Reach out to us today if you need more information about finding the best sunglasses for your children.

How to Make Your Child More Comfortable Wearing Glasses

Congratulations on identifying your child’s vision problems and having them fitted with glasses! Unfortunately, glasses won’t work unless your child actually wears them. Your child may feel embarrassed about wearing glasses. In some cases, glasses have been known to be stuffed into backpacks as soon as parents are of sight. The help of teachers has even been enlisted to remind kids to wear their glasses in the classroom. However, there’s a better way. Use these ideas to make your child more comfortable wearing glasses.

Start Them Out With Sunglasses

Your child will probably feel more comfortable wearing sunglasses since a lot of people wear them. Start your child out with wearing sunglasses, so they can get accustomed to the sensation and experience of wearing glasses. This is also a great opportunity to teach them about caring for glasses in general.

Wear Your Own Glasses

Poor eyesight often runs in the family. If you wear glasses, make sure you wear them instead of contact lenses, as much as possible. Most kids identify with their parents, so if you’re wearing eyeglasses, your child will feel better about wearing them, too.

Point Out Other Kids With Glasses

As you go about your daily errands, point out other kids who are wearing glasses. Before that, your child may not have noticed that other kids need glasses. In fact, you may want to point out that if they didn’t notice, then others won’t notice their glasses, either.

Read Books About Wearing Glasses

There may be some cute books about a child getting their first glasses. Consult with your librarian to source books like these.

Find Pictures of Famous People Wearing Glasses

Remind your child that the smartest people in the world wear glasses. Find pictures of people like Bill Gates, Einstein, Elon Musk and more.

Let Them Choose Their Own

Let your child pick out their own glasses. This gives them a sense of ownership, and they’ll be more likely to feel good about wearing them.

When your child feels more comfortable wearing their glasses, you won’t have to struggle to get them to wear them when you aren’t looking. To have your child fitted for eyeglasses, contact us today.


Kids and Glasses – Tips for Picking the Best Frames for a Younger Child  

When younger children have issues with their vision, glasses are the general recommendation. While adolescents and teens may do just fine with a new pair of glasses, younger children can be a bit more complicated to outfit with the best frames. Some children won’t like wearing glasses at all, some will be young enough that they will have a hard time keeping up with them, and some will be highly particular about the frames they want. As a parent, getting the best possible frames for the unique wearer is ever-important. Here are a few tips to keep in mind along the way.

1. Pick glasses that are likely to be durable enough for the child wearer.

Plastic frames are a go-to choice for children because they are durable enough to be dropped and roughly handled without breaking. Therefore, you may want to consider plastic frames for your child if they are a bit more likely to break their glasses.

2. Consider cable temples for a proper fit for younger children.

Cable temples have earpieces that wrap fully around the child’s ear. For smaller children with less-pronounced features, the bridge of even smaller frames may not support the glasses so they do not slide down the nose. If you have a younger child, wraparound temples may be a good option to consider.

3. Allow your child to get involved in picking frames they like.

Some parents feel inclined to pick the style of frames their child should wear. But, just like adults and perhaps even more so, kids can be self-conscious about their appearance. Therefore, it is a good idea to allow children who are old enough to help pick out frame styles they like. If the child likes how they look in their glasses, they will be less likely to refuse to wear them or continually take them off.

Get Help From a Portland Optician

Picking out glasses for a child can be a unique experience compared to picking glasses for an adult. If you need help with getting the right glasses for your child, please reach out to us at Asterix Eyewear in Portland, OR to schedule an appointment.