Are Clip-on Sunglass Lenses Safe to Wear?

For persons who wearprescription eyeglasses in Portland, OR, one of the pain points is what to do when there’s a need for sunglasses. Although Portland isn’t sunny year-round, there are many days throughout the year when it does make sense. There are many several solutions, including clip-on sunglasses. But considering how important your eyes are, is it really safe to wear clip-on sunglass lenses?

What Are Clip-on Sunglass Lenses?

Clip-on sunglass lenses consist of tinted lenses attached to a metal or plastic frame. But these frames are different because they don’t have the two “arms” that go over the ears to hold the frames on the face. Instead, they are designed to clip onto your regular eyeglasses. In this way, they are meant to offer a shaded view while you’re still looking out of your regular lenses. The way they clip on varies. Some clip on from the nose bridge, while others have four little clasps that snap onto each lens. In both cases, the clips are so they stay in place.

Drawbacks of Clip-on Sunglass Lenses

Clip-on sunglass lenses aren’t necessarily dangerous, but they aren’t ideal, either. Here are the drawbacks:

They Skew Vision

Once you place another lens in front of your prescription lens, your eyesight is no longer being properly corrected. Although slight, the cheap clip-on lens skews your vision, which isn’t great for your eyes.

They May Damage Lenses

The little clips that attach to your valuable prescription eyeglasses could scratch your lenses, leaving you with scrapes and scratches to look through.

They Add Wear and Tear

Putting on and taking off the clip-on sunglass lenses means you’ll be handling your prescription eyeglasses a lot more, which increases the chances of breakage.

Everyone’s eyes need protection from the sun’s glare. At Asterix Eyewear, we offer a wide choice of sunglass styles in various materials. Whether or not you wear prescription eyeglasses, you’ll find your perfect pair of sunglasses here. And, if you do wear prescription lenses, we can order you a new pair of eyeglasses with your prescription and with the lenses tinted. This is the absolute best way to protect your eyes and enjoy glare-free vision. Contact yourPortland, OR optometrist today to learn more.

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