Where to Find Titanium Welding for Eyeglasses in Portland

If you have titanium eyeglasses, you typically won’t be able to repair them with traditional welding techniques. When heated, titanium is highly reactive to oxygen and nitrogen, leaving brittle, weakened surfaces behind. This can make it difficult to find an eyeglass repair shop in Portland, OR, especially if you have a pair of eyeglasses that are very well-loved.

If you’re interested in getting your frames repaired, we’ll look at ways to avoid these issues and why it’s so important to find a shop with experience in different types of metals.

How to Repair Titanium Glasses

The laser is the most common type of weld for titanium because it’s easier to focus the beam exactly where you need it. Titanium is a very good heat conductor, which makes it difficult to isolate one section based on where the repair is needed.

With a laser, you don’t need to use high heat, which makes it easier to keep both the finish and the coating of the glasses. Plus, there’s less chance that the surrounding metal will become too hot and ruin the frames. Laser welds are also strong and practically invisible, leading to long-lasting results that won’t clash with your outfit.

Soldering Vs. Lasers

Soldering is generally too hot for titanium welds and leads to a weaker bond than laser bonds. Knowing the basics of this common metal is important because frames are often fragile enough that you don’t want to take any chances.

Find Eyeglass Repairs in Portland, OR

The staff at Asterix is used to working with people who love their eyewear in Portland, OR. There are frames out there that they don’t make anymore, frames that people have made part of their signature style for years. It’s equally important to us as it is to our customers to preserve glasses whenever possible. If you’re interested in fixing your frames with titanium welding, contact us today to learn more about what we can do.

Here, we do a full assessment before making any recommendations. At Asterix, we pride ourselves on investing in the equipment and the professional expertise

Are Eyeglass Repairs More Expensive Than a New Pair of Glasses?

If your glasses are broken or just showing their age, the natural debate is whether to repair or replace them. As a general rule, repairs are less expensive than replacements, though the exact cost depends on how much damage the original pair has sustained. We’ll look at what to consider before you make the decision.

When to Repair and When to Replace 

At Asterix Eyewear, we recommend repairing your glasses when the hinges are bent, screws are loose, or the frames show minor signs of cracking. If the lenses are badly scratched or cracked or the frames are busted, replacing them typically makes more sense.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair My Glasses?

Repairs typically cost less than $100, depending on the type of frames, lenses, and the design complexity of the pair. Sometimes, there’s no question about whether to repair or replace your glasses. For instance, you might have a limited-edition pair that has become your signature style.

These kinds of intangible attachments make the transaction less about money and more about how to preserve your reflection. It’s important not to discount your personal feelings about your glasses, especially if you need to wear them regularly. After all, it’s not always easy to find a pair of frames that you want to put on day after day.

How Much Do New Glasses Cost?

Without insurance, new glasses in Portland, OR, are usually a few hundred dollars, though it depends on the type of frames and lenses you purchase and where you purchase them from. You may be able to find highly discounted glasses online, though you run the risk of the frames being a poor fit for your face. When you visit a store in person, you can talk through what you’re looking for in a pair, so you can be sure about what you’re buying.

Find Eyeglass Repair in Portland

If you have questions about your damaged eyeglasses, don’t wait until they worsen! We offer experteyeglass repair in Portland, OR, for frames and lenses that are worth saving. Visit the staff at Asterix Eyewear to learn more about whether to repair or replace!

5 Reasons to Get a Spare Pair of Glasses

Getting a spare pair of glasses may sound like an indulgence, but it’s not! Spare glasses are a convenience in many ways.

As youreye doctor in Portland, OR, we have a wide selection of eyeglasses, so you can always have a pair on hand when it’s needed. Getting a spare pair of glasses can help you stay safe and avoid inconvenience if your glasses are broken or lost. Here’s what to consider.

1. Keep a Spare Pair At Your Workplace

Maybe you spend most of your time at your workplace or elsewhere outside your home. Having a spare pair of glasses means you can keep one pair at home and another pair where you spend your time. Having a spare pair means having the convenience of storing glasses where you’re most likely to need them.

2. Never Without the Ability to Perform Important Tasks

If you lose your primary pair of glasses, you may be unable to drive or do important jobs that you need to do. Keeping a spare pair of glasses around means that you always have the ability to perform important tasks that require your glasses.

3. Ability to Mix and Match

Once you have multiple pairs of glasses, you can mix and match the glasses on your face with your outfits. Mixing and matching means that you can be more satisfied with your outfit. Having options feels good.

4. You Could Break Your Pair

Are you hard on your glasses? If so, another good reason to get a spare is that you could break your primary pair of glasses and may need backups until your glasses are fixed. Breaking your pair of glasses is terribly inconvenient unless you have a backup plan. With a spare pair, you can wait until it’s a better time to get your primary pair of glasses fixed.

5. Insurance Pays for One Pair Per Year

If you have vision insurance, there’s a good chance that your vision insurance will pay for one pair of glasses yearly. If you’re not taking advantage of this benefit, you’re leaving something you could otherwise take advantage of. Use your insurance to get a spare pair of glasses or a new primary pair.

Neednew glasses in Portland, OR? Call Asterix today.

How to Shop For Quality Eyewear

Whether you’re buying prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, quality is important. When it comes to eyeglasses, everything is not equal, so it’s essential to know what to look for when shopping for an item with a prominent place on your face. Here are some tips to bring with you the next time you purchase eyeglasses.

Shop at a Quality Outlet

The first thing to know is to avoid discount stores. Shop at a quality eyewear outlet, such as your eye doctor in Portland, OR, where you can find hundreds of quality frames at a range of price points.

Look For Brand Names

Brand names behind eyeglasses have a reputation to uphold, so you can be certain they will be of good quality. Look for names like Maui Jim, TagHeuer, Vuarnet, Versace, Ray-Ban, and others. If in doubt about a particular brand, just ask your eyewear representative for information.

Consider the Construction

When you find frames that you’re drawn to, carefully examine the construction. The arms of the eyeglasses should articulate firmly but easily as you unfold them. There should be little to no “play” up and down. The screws in the corners should be tightly in place. Quality eyewear will often have nose guards to protect the bridge of your nose against chafing. The material should be soft and smooth, with no rough edges. Any embellishments should be firmly attached, not just shiny “bling” stickers designed to attract your attention.

Evaluate Lens Quality

If you’re shopping for sunglasses, make sure they’re rated for 100% UV protection. Ask if you can get scratch-resistant coating for your sunglasses. A quality eyewear store in Portland should be able to offer this.


Good quality eyeglasses should be lightweight enough to be comfortable yet have enough heft to feel solid and durable. Hold the frames gently in the palm of your hand to feel the heft. Compare to similar, cheaper frames to see the difference.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

A good warranty can be an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Also, consider whether the brand offers good customer service for repairs or adjustments.

When you’re in the market for quality eyeglasses in Portland, OR, visit Asterix Eyewear. Contact us to learn more.

3 Tips to Find Affordable and Stylish Eyewear in Portland

When Portland is such a fashionable city, it may sometimes seem like you have to choose between style and your wallet. The good news is that there are places to find looks that mesh with both your outfit and your wallet. If you need eyewear, here are our tips on how to bring down the costs so you have more to spend elsewhere.

1. Don’t Sweat the Labels

Designer eyewear is great, but just because the label is well-known doesn’t mean it will be the best for the shape of your face. When you shop around, it’s not about wearing the trendiest pair of glasses or sunglasses but about finding a pair of eyewear that’s going to work with your personal brand of fashion. We recommend trying on a few of your favorite outfits to get a sense of how all the colors and accessories flow together. If you’re looking for designer glasses in Portland, the best retailers will have a wide range to choose from.

2. Don’t Skimp on Quality

There are endless options out there if you’re looking to purchase eyewear in Portland, OR, but the reality is that you don’t always know who you’re purchasing from. It’s also relatively easy to get bogged down in the endless questions from certain retailers, ones that might start off looking affordable, but once you’re through adding in the features, end up costing more than you would have spent elsewhere. Whether you’re trying to correct your vision or shield your eyes from harmful sun rays, we highly recommend that you choose a reputable retailer.

3. Visit Asterix for Affordable Eyewear in Portland

If you’re looking for an eyewear retailer in Portland, OR, with an extensive range of products, the staff at Asterix can help. We know that it’s not always easy to settle on just one pair of frames, especially if you’re planning on wearing them for every waking hour of your life. When you want to keep costs down while still nailing the right look, we can help you find the best pair for you. To see why our customers rave about everything from the styles to the prices, contact us or visit us today.

How Long Do Eyeglass Frames Last?

When a pair of designer eyeglasses can run you over $1,000, it’s entirely reasonable to ask how much they cost. You don’t want to make the investment only to find out that you’ll need to spend that much again in another year or so. If you’re looking for eyeglass frames in Portland, OR, we’ll look at what you can expect so you can make a budget.

How Long Do Frames Last?

Frames made from strong, durable materials can last for more than five years, as long as you’re taking care of them. This means putting them back in the case at night and potentially wearing cheaper frames or contact lenses in more chaotic situations (e.g., playing sports, etc.) when they’re likely to fall of your face. If you’re looking for frames that can stand up to the head, the best ones are typically made from either metal or a mixed alloy. These frames are typically comfortable enough to wear and flexible enough to take a few unexpected hits. Plus, they often come in an array of colors.

The Fit of Your Eyeglass Frames in Portland, OR

Standard eyeglass frames should protect your lenses from damage. If they don’t fit properly, they’re more likely to fall, which can result in damage to the lenses. If you’re not careful, the damage to the lens can distort your vision, even when it starts off as the tiniest of scratches or chips.

To avoid this, you’ll need to make sure that your frames have the best possible fit. The pads of your frames should never dig into the nose or slide every time you shake your head. Keep in mind that your nose will change over time — no matter how old you are — so you may need to have your frames adjusted over the course of their lifetime. The better your frames fit, the less likely you’ll have to replace them over time.

If you’re looking for an eyewear shop in Portland, OR, Asterix has a team of experts that can help you find a pair that will last. We’re here to point you toward more than just stylish, fashion-forward accessories. This is an investment that you’re making, and we want you to get the most out of it.

What Are Eco-Friendly Glasses?

Eco-friendly glasses refer to eyewear that has been sourced from sustainable materials. They’re not only better for the environment, but they also tend to be more durable than other types of eyeglasses. When all eyes are on the environment, it’s nice to support manufacturers and companies who are doing their part to protect our climate.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Glasses

Eco-friendly glasses may be made from wood or recycled materials. The name is not just due to the materials but also how those materials are fashioned into the final product. A more sustainable means that your glasses use fewer resources (e.g., water, power, etc.) to make than traditional counterparts. Plus, these frames don’t sacrifice style in the name of morality. In fact, you may find that you like the fashions more when compared to something like petroleum-based products.

How to Choose Your Glasses

If you want to make a sustainable choice for glasses, it helps to find a company that lives out its values in its everyday business. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing eco-friendly glasses in Portland, OR, though you will want to keep in mind a few factors as you weigh your options:

  • Materials: Some people will prefer to wear plastic that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Others might want recycled metal because it’s so lightweight and comfortable.
  • Packaging: Most eco-friendly glasses will have sustainable packaging (e.g., recycled plastic, etc.), but again, it’s worth considering exactly how it’s all wrapped up before you make your final selection.
  • Commitment: Some companies have made environmentalism a part of their brand because it sounds hip. You’ll want to look for companies that have done more than just give their customers lip service.

Eyewear in Portland

A reputable eyewear or glasses store in Portland, OR can help you find a frame that fits your lifestyle as much as it does your core tenets. At Asterix, our staff can help you find a pair that lights up your face without it coming at the expense of the planet. When you visit us, we can tell you more about not only how each frame was made, but why we selected it as a part of our curated collection.

Back to School Tips for Children Who Wear Glasses

It’s back to school time! If your child wears glasses, then it may be time to get them to the eye doctor in Portland, OR. Making an eye appointment, getting their glasses updated or repaired and giving them the tools they need to keep their glasses safe are ways that you can help your child maintain clear, healthy vision this school year.

Make An Eye Appointment Before Going Back to School

If your child wears glasses, it’s a good idea to see the eye doctor on a regular basis. If it’s been a while since your child last saw the eye doctor, this is a good time to make an appointment.

Schedule an appointment for your child to see the eye doctor before going back to school. Your child’s eye doctor will be able to detect changes in your child’s vision. If there have been changes, the eye doctor will recommend new prescription lenses.

Getting new eyeglasses that match your child’s prescription will help your child see during class, which ultimately can help your child perform in academics and sports. Keep your child’s old glasses as a spare pair in case they lose them during the school year.

Check Your Current Glasses for Scratches, Loose Fit

Even if your child doesn’t need new glasses this school year, it’s still important to check your child’s glasses for scratches, loose fit and other damage. If your child’s glasses have a poor fit, they may need eyewear repair in Portland, OR. Getting your child’s glasses fixed before school starts again is important.

Keep An Extra Glasses Case On Hand

Your child needs a way to keep their glasses safe at school. Get your child an extra glasses case so they’ll have some protection at school in case they need to take off their glasses during an activity.

Protect Your Eyes During Sports

Do you need more information about how you can help your child have a clear, healthy vision this school year? Contact Asterix Eyewear today for answers to your eyeglasses questions.

3 Advantages of Titanium Welds

If you’re thinking of titanium welds as your eyeglass frame, you should know how it stacks up against standard plastic or metal. We’ll look at three advantages of this material and what you should know about taking care of these types of glasses.

They’re Lightweight

It’s not uncommon for people with glasses to say that they don’t even know when they’re wearing them. This is partially because they’re so accustomed to putting them on and wearing them day in and day out, but it can also have to do with the actual weight of the frames. The lighter they are, the easier they wear. If you want the lightest possible glasses, opt for pure titanium glasses in Portland, OR rather than an alloy, as the addition of other metals will make these glasses slightly heavier.

They’re Durable

Every person who wears glasses has their own habits in terms of how they treat these accessories. Few doctors are interested in whether you roughly pull them on and off or don’t always pack them neatly in a bulletproof case. Titanium is exceptionally tough, though, which means that if you’re not always careful, it can end up costing a lot less than frames you have to replace constantly.

They Stay in Place

If you’re used to pushing your glasses up throughout the day, titanium welds are a great solution. This benefit goes hand-in-hand with the durability of the material, but it’s an important distinction. Even if they bend, they can return to place. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing your vision if you’re chopping veggies or looking down at your radio while driving.

Eyeglass Repair in Portland

Titanium weld glasses are an excellent choice for anyone looking for solid eyeglass frames. However, if you need titanium glass repairs in Portland, OR, it needs to be done by the pros. If the eyeglass technician doesn’t have the tools they need, it can end up ruining the frames. At Asterix eyewear, we do a full assessment of your frames, and we have all of the equipment necessary to perform even the most complex of repairs. Whether you want to save some money on new frames or have a special attachment to them, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

A Look at Why Buying name-Brand Eyeglass Frames Does Matter

Picking the right frames in Portland, OR is an exceptionally important feat. While many people will gravitate toward cheaper frame styles that are not made by a well-known brand, buying name-brand frames can be a good decision. Take a look at a few reasons you may want to consider investing a little more for a set of name-brand eyeglass frames.

Get Warranties That Protect Against Material Defects

Eyeglasses can be costly if you have to replace them frequently. However, buying name-brand glasses may mean the frame materials are covered by a warranty. The top manufacturers of eyeglass frames tend to offer good warranties that cover defects in their products. This means if something goes wrong with the materials or mechanical components of your frames within a certain amount of time, you may be eligible for a free replacement.

A few defects that could potentially be covered under warranty include:

  • Dysfunctional hinges
  • Broken frames or arms
  • Broken nose pad mounts

Ensure You Are Getting a High-Quality Pair of Glasses

While you may pay a little more for a top-brand pair of glasses, you are actually paying for better quality. Name-brand eyeglass frames are most often manufactured with high-grade materials. For example, the mechanical hinges may be made of stronger materials like titanium versus steel, which can be more durable.

Other signs of high-quality to expect from top-brand eyeglasses include:

  • Flawless material finishes with no clouds, scratches, or flaws
  • High-quality rivets and fasteners
  • Brand name etched or engraved onto the frames

Pick from Among the Most In-Demand Styles

Eyeglass manufacturers all offer a number of styles to make sure patients find a pair of glasses they like. However, if you prefer to stick with eyeglass frame styles that are more in-demand or stylish, be sure to look at models offered by top brands. The best brands pay careful attention to trending styles to make sure they offer the latest options to patients.

Find Your Perfect Glasses in Portland, OR

Are you ready to find the perfect pair of prescription frames in Portland, OR? Be sure to stop in and see us at Asterix Eyewear. Our optical center offers one of the most robust selections of frames, including the top brands.