Never Lose Your Eyeglasses Again With These Tips

When you received your glasses from your eye doctor in Portland, OR, you made an investment in your vision. Certainly, you would want to hold onto your eyeglasses for as long as possible. Unfortunately, it’s very common to lose eyeglasses. Primarily, this is because people tend to take eyeglasses off multiple times during the day and then the glasses get misplaced. Here are some ways to never lose your eyeglasses again!

Always Put Them in the Same Place

Just like your car keys, you should always put your glasses in the same place when you put them down. When you do this, you’ll always know where to start looking for them. Of course, eye glasses are taken off for many reasons, so you’ll need a few “designated spots” for your glasses. For example, at night, leave them on the nightstand when you go to bed, not the bathroom vanity or in your walk-in closet. At work, keep them in your pencil drawer (inside their case) if you need to remove them for an extended period of time. In the car, you might choose to hold them in the door pocket or the console or glove box. Just make sure you choose one spot and use it every time.

Bling Your Eyeglass Case

Eyeglass cases tend to be so “blah” that they don’t stand out from other clutter. Vow to always put your glasses in their case when not in use, and bling your eyeglasses case. Either purchase a more stylish case that really stands out, or add some adhesive sparkle components. That way, your glasses case will be impossible to miss in any room.

Use a Finder Tag

You can also install a finder tag to your eyeglasses case. Either get the kind that hangs on a lanyard, or one that is adhesive, that you can stick to the eyeglass case. With these handy devices, you simply pair it with an app and the finder tag will beep to let you know where your eyeglasses case is.

Keeping track of your eyeglasses in Portland, OR is easier when you use one or all of these tips. You won’t need to waste another minute looking for your prescription eyewear!

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