Frequently Asked Questions

Will a frame that's repaired or welded be weaker than a new frame and will it usually re-break within a short period of time?



No, When we weld an eyeglass frame our weld is a stronger than most manufacturers’ spot welds. When frames are manufactured and mass produced mechanical spot welds unfortunately are often weak. That is why so many hinges separate right at the solder point. When we weld a frame, we take time on each weld and whether it’s with our laser welder to laser fuse the metal to metal then adding in white gold to ensure a strong, long lasting bond, or flame welding using traditional jewelry techniques which we have perfected and adapted to work with the various metals used in the optical industry.



When a frame is welded, will it be damaged or discolored to the point that it would be obvious and unsightly?


No, it is true that there is some degree of discoloration with some of the welds, but what sets us apart is our ability to refinish the repaired area to as close to the original finish as possible and we are quite good at that!




Can’t any optical shop fix my glasses, won’t they be able to do any repairs that I need?


No, most Optical stores offer no repair services at all, Asterix Eyewear has chosen to specialize in eyeglass repair because with think you should have be able to have your glasses repaired and not just be forced to buy a new pair of glasses if something goes wrong…




Can I take lenses from my broken frames and re-use them in new ones?


Yes we have a huge selection of eyeglass frames and even though there are specific measurements required for your eyes we can take your lenses and our knowledge and can match the lenses to new frames that will work just as well as your previous pair. This is a great option if your frame has multiple issues and your lenses are in good condition.




Is it expensive to repair broken eyeglasses?


At Asterix Eyewear most repairs are between $5 and $55.  That is very inexpensive compared to buying new frames and lenses.




Does Asterix Eyewear accept walk-ins or should I make an appointment?



You can walk-in anytime during our normal business hours 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST.  

No appointment necessary.


What types of repairs can be done?


If it’s broken, most likely we can fix it. We repair eyeglass frames of all metal types as well as plastic, nylon, and acetate eyewear as well.  If there are pieces missing we have access to parts and sometimes will custom make a piece by hand when needed. If you have any questions you can call us or email us at


Can you fix titanium? How can I tell if my eyeglass frames are titanium?


We can fix titanium! Some frames will state “titanium” directly on them. We will test the frames when they arrive in our repair center to confirm the metal type. Once we receive your frames we will call you to confirm that it is ok to move forward with the repair.


When will my eyeglasses be ready?


For walk-in eyeglass repairs we usually can repair your glasses the same day or within 24 hours. We can give you an exact estimate when you drop off your glasses. For mail-in repairs typical repairs are done in one business day and mailed back the next day.


How should I pack my glasses for mail-in eyeglass repair?



It’s best to pack your glasses in a small box either in their eyeglass case, tissue or bubble wrap. Remember always pack your glasses with you order form or a piece of paper with your name and a contact number.



What return shipping carriers do you use?



We use FedEx, UPS, and USPS.  All return shipments are tracked and arrive within 3 -5 business days from the time they are packed up and mailed out.


Do you offer overnight return shipping?


Yes. Please request and pay for overnight return shipping.


What type of customization can you perform?


We can add pad arms to plastic frames, lengthen and shorten temples, turn standard temples into cable temples. We also have replacement temples and parts for drill mount eyeglasses such as Silhouette eyewear.



What if my glasses can't be fixed?



It is very rare that a frame cannot be repaired if that happens or you decide against a repair the only charge would be to cover the cost of evaluation and return shipping costs, normally $5.00.


Do you guarantee your eyeglass repair work?


Yes, we guarantee our repairs for 90 days. After that period if something happens the job is evaluated and handled case by case