Can Sunglasses Help Prevent Macular Degeneration?

The lens of your eye and its retina are both vulnerable to damage from oxidation. And oxidation can happen as a result of exposure to free radicals, such as the ultraviolet rays produced by the sun. But by wearing sunglasses that block these UV rays, you can help protect your eyes from damage. This, in turn, may help you avoid developing conditions such as macular degeneration as you age. Your optician in Portland, OR, can tell you more about the many benefits of wearing the right type of sunglasses for eye health.

What Is Macular Degeneration?

Your macula is located in the center of the retina, and it’s responsible for your central, or pinpoint, vision. When damage occurs to the macula, it becomes difficult to drive, read, or recognize the fine features of a face.

Macular degeneration happens because of damage to the macula, and it’s extremely common in the United States, especially among those over the age of 50. Wearing sunglasses with 100-percent UV protection won’t completely eliminate your chances of developing this disorder, but it may lower your risk.

What Causes Macular Degeneration?

Usually, macular degeneration is age-related. In fact, you may hear your vision specialist refer to age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, during your routine eye exam. The macula may become thinner, or abnormal blood vessels may begin to grow beneath the macula. Either circumstance can cause changes to your central vision.

You may be more prone to developing this condition if:

  • Other people in your family have it.
  • You smoke.
  • You have high blood pressure.
  • You’re over the age of 50.
  • You’re overweight.
  • You eat a high-fat diet.

In other words, lifestyle can be a big contributor to AMD. Making small changes to the way you eat and live may help you avoid damage from AMD. Wearing the right type of eye protection may also be helpful.

UV Protection in Portland, OR

If you’re looking for protection from UV rays in Portland, OR, the professionals at Asterix EyeWear can help. At Asterix Eyewear, our friendly and experienced team are happy to sit down with you to discuss the many benefits of prescription sunglasses, especially those that block 100-percent of the sun’s harmful, UV rays. Schedule an appointment today.

The Best Polarized Lenses for Different Activities

Do you want sunglasses to protect your eyes for health reasons, or perhaps you just want to make a fashion statement? Either way, your local optician in Portland, OR can help. Here are the specific recommendations for color-polarized lenses based on how they will be used.

Choosing Color-Polarized Lenses Based on Activity

All sunglasses are tinted to protect your eyes from the sun. However, not all of them are polarized. It’s best to opt for polarized sunglasses in Portland, OR because they significantly reduce the glare and halos caused by the sun.

Here are the recommended uses for color-polarized lenses based on activity.

  • Color Polarized Lenses as a Fashion Statement

If you are wearing color polarized lenses as a fashion statement, any color will work.

  • Color Polarized Lenses for Computer Use

For computer use, it’s recommended you choose blue light-blocking glasses. These are particularly helpful for people with migraines.

  • Color Polarized Lenses for Indoor Use

Yellow-tinted lenses are best for indoor use because they help increase the contrast caused by low-light conditions.

  • Color Polarized Lenses for Snow Sports

Yellow-tinted lenses are also recommended when you are participating in snow sports because they help with contrast issues in hazy conditions.

  • Color Polarized Lenses for Outdoor Precision Sports

If you enjoy precision sports like golf, green-tinted polarized lenses are recommended because they reduce glare and filter a portion of the blue light spectrum. This will make it easier to see your golf balls.

  • Color Polarized Lenses for Water Activities

For water activities, amber or brown polarized lenses are recommended. These colors make your surroundings appear brighter and clearer. They also reduce the reflection from the water.

  • Color Polarized Lenses for Driving

When it comes to driving, there are a variety of lens colors that might work for you. Therefore, you will need to try each of them to see which one you prefer. However, most people seem to prefer amber or gray polarized lenses. The grays seem to work better in bright and sunny conditions and the amber color seems to work better on cloudy, rainy, or overcast days.

For night driving, though, most people find the yellow lenses work best in low-light conditions because they help with contrast.

What’s Next?

If you are looking for a reputable optician in Portland, OR, please Contact Asterix Eyewear today. We are Portland’s premier dispensing opticians and we specialize in repairs, sales, and service.

What to Know About Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses are a popular choice for eyewear because they not only enhance the appearance of glasses or sunglasses in Portland, OR, but they also offer additional benefits such as glare reduction and improved visual acuity in certain environments. However, it’s important to know that not all tinted lenses provide the same level of protection. Here’s what you need to know about tinted lenses and UV rays.

What Are UV Rays?

UV radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by the sun and can be harmful to the eyes and skin. There are three types of UV rays, UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC is irrelevant as far as human dangers. UVB has a slightly longer wavelength and is responsible for sunburn and skin cancer. UVA has the longest wavelength, but it can still contribute to skin aging and cancer.

UV Protection and Tinted Lenses

Not all tinted lenses offer the same level of UV protection, and it’s important to choose a lens that blocks out as much UV radiation as possible. The amount of UV protection provided by a lens is typically indicated on the label or packaging. Look for a lens that blocks out at least 99% of UVA and UVB radiation.

Lens Coatings

There are also specialized lens coatings that can be applied to tinted lenses to provide additional UV protection. These coatings are usually transparent and don’t affect the appearance of the lens, but they can significantly increase the amount of UV protection provided by the lens. Some examples of these coatings include those that block out blue light, which has been shown to contribute to digital eye strain, and those that are polarized, which can reduce glare and improve visual acuity in certain environments. Note that the color of the lens doesn’t necessarily indicate the amount of UV protection provided. For example, a clear lens can provide just as much UV protection as a dark lens, as long as it has the appropriate coating.

Tinted lenses can be a stylish and functional choice for eyewear, but be sure to consult with your eye doctor in Portland, OR so you choose a lens that provides adequate UV protection. Contact us today to learn more.

How Do Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes? 

You probably already know sunglasses make you look cool. But there’s another reason you should wear them when spending time outdoors in strong sunlight. Sunglasses actually shield and protect your eyes from the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. By wearing sunglasses, you’re helping to protect your vision and your overall eye health. Your optician in Portland, OR, can tell you more about the many health benefits of wearing sunglasses.

Sunglasses Protect your Eyes From Long-Term UV Exposure

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, you’re exposing your skin and eyes to the sun’s rays. These rays are composed of ultraviolet light that can pose health risks over time. As far as your vision, UV rays can contribute to cataracts and to macular degeneration — two conditions that impact the way you see the world. Cataracts are cloudy films that develop on the lenses of your eyes. Macular Degeneration involves the breakdown of your macula, which is part of your retina. Wearing sunglasses with protective coatings may help prevent both conditions. For the best protection, choose sunglasses that boast “UV absorption up to 400 nm.”

Polarized Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes From Glare

Polarized coatings on your sunglasses can help reduce instances of glare. Glare is defined as “uncomfortably brilliant light.” Glare can emanate from headlights, streetlights, or even reflect back from snow or sand. Polarized sunglasses help eliminate glare, making it easier to perform routine activities, such as driving or walking on the beach on bright, sunny days.

Mirrored Sunglasses Shield Your Eyes From Reflected Light

You’ll often see skiers and snowboarders wearing mirrored sunglasses, and for good reason. Mirrored glasses reduce the amount of reflected light that enters your eyes. This not only makes it easier to see where you’re going on ice and snow, but it can prevent you from freezing your cornea while riding a snowmobile, climbing a mountain, or wooshing down the slopes. You may have heard this referred to as snow blindness. Mirrored sunglasses help prevent this painful condition.

If you’re ready to invest in new eyewear that helps protect and prolong your perfect vision in Portland, OR, call or stop by Asterix Eyewear today. Our experienced opticians are always friendly and professional, and we’ll help you select sunglasses that best suit the way you live and play.

Sunglasses for Kids – Common Parent FAQs

You probably know how important it is to wear sunglasses yourself, but have you picked up a pair for your children? Finding sunglasses in Portland, OR for children is easy when you entrust a good optics center that has a nice selection of products. Take a look at a few common questions parents tend to have about children and sunglasses.

Do kids really need to wear sunglasses?

Even though about three out of four adults wear sunglasses, only about half of those adults make sure their kids are wearing sunglasses as well. However, UV exposure is just as hard on the eyes of children as it is on the eyes of adults. Therefore, it is definitely important for children to wear sunglasses. It truly is never too early for children to start protecting their eyes.

How do you find the best sunglasses for kids?

Just as it is when shopping for good sunglasses for adults, you have to be careful what you buy. While you can find kid-friendly or kid-themed sunglasses in a lot of stores, not all of them are created to offer protection. Be sure you watch for sunglasses that fit well and fit comfortably, but also meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and protect against UVB and UVA rays.

How can you encourage your child to wear sunglasses?

Children may be more apprehensive about wearing sunglasses simply because they don’t understand why they need to wear them. First and foremost, be sure the glasses you choose are comfortable for the child to wear. Second, talk to your children about the dangers of not wearing sunglasses. Let them know their vision could be at risk with too much sunlight exposure. Another good pointer, get your child involved in picking out the frames; children will be more likely to wear what you buy if they chose them.

Find High-Quality Sunglasses from a Portland Optics Center

When your children step out into the sunlight, they should have protected eyes with well-made sunglasses just for them. If you are looking for sunglasses for your children, be sure to swing by and see us at Asterix Eyewear in Portland, OR to look at our collection. Reach out to us today if you need more information about finding the best sunglasses for your children.

Why Portland Residents Also Need Sunglasses in Winter

The city of Portland, OR, kicks off its summer season with a civic festival that lasts for several weeks. Now in its 113th year, Portland’s Rose Festival celebrates everything about Portland, including its characteristic gloomy weather during the majority of the year. Portland gets rain clouds, fog, ice, and even snow, which causes many residents to put away their sunglasses with the rest of their summer gear when the time comes. However, wearing sunglasses on a year-round basis is a smart strategy for those seeking to maintain optimal eye health. Here’s why you should keep those sunglasses handy in Portland no matter what the time of year.

The Sun’s Ray Are Still Strong in Winter

Even though it’s not nearly as bright during the daytime in the winter as it is in the summer, that doesn’t mean the sun’s UV rays can’t wreak havoc on your eyes and skin. Even if you don’t see much of the sun during winter doesn’t mean you should leave your sunglasses at home when you go somewhere — up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays come through clouds.

UV rays also reflect off of wet surfaces, including puddles and even sidewalks if precipitation levels are high, and puddles are extremely commonplace in Portland. As an added bonus, a good pair of sunglasses provides a protective layer between your eyes and potentially damaging elements of urban living such as vehicle emissions and tiny flying pebbles.

Portlanders Spend a Lot of Time Outdoors

Portland residents don’t let a little gloom and rain stop them from enjoying their favorite outdoor activities, even if that’s just walking or biking to work. Winter temperatures are rarely so low that they keep people indoors for any length of time, and it’s possible to take a long walk in Forest Park even during the middle of January. Even though Portland only gets a few snow days every year, it’s within easy driving distance of some of the best downhill and cross-country skiing on the West Coast, and you’ll definitely need to wear sunglasses when you’re enjoying a day on the slopes.

Please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Asterix Eyewear if you’d like more information on maintaining optimal eye health. 


Importance of Sunglasses in the Summer

Sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory; they can be both utilitarian and fashionable. If you choose the right set of shades, they’ll perform both functions all in one. When you’re shopping for a new pair of sunglasses, it’s important to choose a high-quality set because well-made sunglasses will protect your eyes and skin while acting as the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

Here’s what you need to know about the importance of sunglasses in the summer:

1. UV Protection

You probably already know why it’s important to wear sunscreen, right? Your skin is susceptible to damage when the sun’s extreme ultra-violet rays come in contact with your body, which can result in everything from sunburns to wrinkles to cancer. Sunscreen protects your skin from much of this damage, providing a shield that effectively bounces UV rays off your body so your skin doesn’t sustain damage.

Your eyes are just as susceptible to the harm that can be caused by UV rays, but many people don’t consider this when they’re heading out for a day of play in the warm summer weather. For optimal protection, your sunglasses should:

  • Be marked at least UV 400
  • Be large so they cover as much of your eyes and surrounding skin as possible
  • Fit properly to ensure they cover the space they’re intended to cover without falling off or tilting sideways

Be mindful that just because a sunglass lens is dark, it doesn’t mean it contains any protection against the sun’s harmful rays. This is why it’s important to invest in a quality pair of sunglasses from a reputable retailer.

2. Protection of Your Skin

Sunglasses don’t only protect your eyes themselves; they protect the extremely fragile skin that surrounds your eyes. Without protection, you can appear to age quicker, as this sensitive, thin skin can easily wrinkle and become crepe-looking if it’s not protected.

3. Style

A great pair of sunglasses can complete a look instantly. Fortunately, awesome sunglasses come in both prescription and non-prescription forms, meaning you can enjoy optimal protection while staying at the forefront of style, whether you wear contacts, glasses, or don’t have any vision impairments at all.

Are you looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses? If you’re in Portland, OR, stop by Asterix Eyewear Monday through Friday to try on a plethora of potentially perfect pairs of sunglasses. You’re sure to find the right match for your fashion and function needs!

Best Sunglasses for Summer

When you are choosing the best sunglasses for summer in Portland, OR, we want to help. Here at Asterix Eyewear, we specialize in all the best eyeglasses including prescription sunglasses. Get ready for summer with a new pair of shades in the latest fashions or top designer brand names.

How to Pick the Best Sunglasses

This summer you can do your best to protect your eyes from the summer sun by purchasing the best sunglasses on woman jumping sunglasses the market. Start by choosing sunglasses that have 100 percent UV ray protection. In addition, you want to look for sunglasses that match your lifestyle. Do you plan to spend a lot of time on mountaintops or the waterfront? In that case, sports sunglasses or shatterproof lenses are your best option.

What to Expect at Asterix Eyewear

When you visit Asterix Eyewear for sunglasses in Portland, you are able to get personalized service. Let us help you choose the perfect frame for your facial shape. We will also suggest the right lenses for your vision correction needs. Whether you want polarized lenses or prescription sunglasses, we have you covered with in-house eyewear fittings.

We have helped thousands of eyeglass wearers select the best sunglasses for the summer. Let us help you see more clearly while protecting your eyes from ultraviolet radiation and potential sunburn to the eyeball, not to mention long-term permanent vision loss.

Brands We Carry

As you shop for the best brands of sunglasses for summer, take a peek at our most popular options. Maui Jim Sunglasses are a hot pick, while Ray Ban has been a household staple for Portland, OR residents for decades. Other sunglasses we carry include Vaurnet, TAG Heuer, Versace, and Tom Ford.

Buy the Best Sunglasses in Portland, OR

Check out our extensive selection of sunglasses in Portland, OR and protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous rays. Whether you need luxury brand sunglasses or rugged outdoor eyewear, contact Asterix Eyewear at 503-771-6654. We are ready to help you select the best sunglasses for your budget, active lifestyle, and personal vision correction needs today.