The Best Polarized Lenses for Different Activities

Do you want sunglasses to protect your eyes for health reasons, or perhaps you just want to make a fashion statement? Either way, your local optician in Portland, OR can help. Here are the specific recommendations for color-polarized lenses based on how they will be used.

Choosing Color-Polarized Lenses Based on Activity

All sunglasses are tinted to protect your eyes from the sun. However, not all of them are polarized. It’s best to opt for polarized sunglasses in Portland, OR because they significantly reduce the glare and halos caused by the sun.

Here are the recommended uses for color-polarized lenses based on activity.

  • Color Polarized Lenses as a Fashion Statement

If you are wearing color polarized lenses as a fashion statement, any color will work.

  • Color Polarized Lenses for Computer Use

For computer use, it’s recommended you choose blue light-blocking glasses. These are particularly helpful for people with migraines.

  • Color Polarized Lenses for Indoor Use

Yellow-tinted lenses are best for indoor use because they help increase the contrast caused by low-light conditions.

  • Color Polarized Lenses for Snow Sports

Yellow-tinted lenses are also recommended when you are participating in snow sports because they help with contrast issues in hazy conditions.

  • Color Polarized Lenses for Outdoor Precision Sports

If you enjoy precision sports like golf, green-tinted polarized lenses are recommended because they reduce glare and filter a portion of the blue light spectrum. This will make it easier to see your golf balls.

  • Color Polarized Lenses for Water Activities

For water activities, amber or brown polarized lenses are recommended. These colors make your surroundings appear brighter and clearer. They also reduce the reflection from the water.

  • Color Polarized Lenses for Driving

When it comes to driving, there are a variety of lens colors that might work for you. Therefore, you will need to try each of them to see which one you prefer. However, most people seem to prefer amber or gray polarized lenses. The grays seem to work better in bright and sunny conditions and the amber color seems to work better on cloudy, rainy, or overcast days.

For night driving, though, most people find the yellow lenses work best in low-light conditions because they help with contrast.

What’s Next?

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