5 Tips For Caring For Sunglasses in Summer

Summer is high season for wearing sunglasses in Portland, OR. Whether you wear prescription sunglasses or not, you’ll want to make sure that you take good care of your sunglasses in summer. Since you’re probably going to be more active than usual, it pays to be a little bit more diligent about keeping them safe from damage.

1. Keep Sunglasses Away From Sand

When visiting the beaches in Portland and other areas, avoid laying your sunglasses down on the sand. Sand will scratch up your sunglasses very quickly, and you may not even notice it until you’re driving home. Bring an eyeglasses case to the beach with you, plus a lanyard for wearing the sunglasses around your neck. These two tips will help you avoid having to lay them down anywhere unsafe.

2. Avoid Excess Heat

Don’t lay your sunglasses in the window, or on your vehicle’s dashboard. Both places can get super hot in the summer. If your frames are plastic, they could warp in the heat. If they’re metal, they’ll become uncomfortably hot when you try to wear them. If you’re eating outside, rest your sunglasses in some shady spot on the table.

3. Avoid Chlorine

Chlorine in swimming pools isn’t good for your sunglasses, either. Chlorine can pit the lenses and distort your vision. It can also damage the lens coating. If you must wear sunglasses in the pool, be sure to rinse thoroughly when you get out. Even better, wear a substitute pair that isn’t such a big investment.

4. Avoid Putting Them on Your Head

When you’re active in summer, it may be convenient to put your sunglasses on your head. But over time, this can stretch out the frames. Instead, use a lanyard or fold them over the neck opening in your shirt.

5. Avoid Sunscreen

Sunscreen is great for your skin, but not so great for your sunglasses. The chemicals in sunscreen are too harsh for the sensitive coating on sunglass lenses. Wash hands thoroughly after applying sunscreen and before handling sunglasses to avoid this potential damage.

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