Your Child Keeps Losing Their Glasses? Ways to Break the Cycle

Kids lose their glasses frequently! If your little one keeps losing their glasses, you can help your child to learn to be more responsible with their glasses by following these suggestions.

By establishing a place where glasses are always placed, by getting a flashy case, and by having your child wear their glasses all the time, you can help your child break the cycle of losing their glasses. You can also get more advice by talking to your eye doctor in Portland, OR. Here’s what you need to know.

Establish a Place Where Your Child’s Glasses “Live”

One of the best things your child can do to stop themselves from losing their glasses is to establish a single place where the glasses are always kept. Consider putting a basket or a tray on your child’s nightstand. Tell your child this place is the home for their glasses. They can only leave their glasses in this one spot.

Get a Flashy Case

Have your child get a noticeable, flashy case for their glasses. The more colorful the case, the better! Bright, loud colors are easier to spot and harder to lose, and glasses cases are often bigger and easier to see than the glasses themselves. Tell your child that, if they must take the glasses of their face, they should always put their glasses in their case.

Have Them Wear Their Glasses All the Time

Of course, the most effective way to not lose a pair of glasses is to wear them all the time. If you see your child not wearing their glasses, ask them what they did with their glasses and ask them to put the glasses back on.

By establishing the expectation that your child wears their glasses all the time, you can help your child keep track of their glasses.

Make An Appointment to Get a Second Pair of Glasses

If your child loses their glasses regularly, then it’s a good idea to have a second pair of emergency glasses on hand. Make an appointment to get eyeglasses in Portland, OR, so your child will always have a pair to wear. Call today.

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