Your Child’s First Pair of Glasses: How to Teach Your Child Eye Wear Care

Some children need eyeglasses from a very early age. If you’ve just purchased your child eyeglasses in Portland, OR, then now is the time to help your child learn to eye wear care. Instilling your child with good habits now will help you avoid problems like lost and broken glasses in the future.

As your eye doctor in Portland, we’ve got lots of experience helping parents and children adjust to wearing glasses. We can help! Below are some suggestions that can help you teach your child to care for their new specs.

Get Your Child Invested In Their Glasses

Giving your child a choice about which glasses they will wear will help them feel some level of investment in their glasses. If you don’t feel like your child is fully up to the task of choosing a pair of glasses on their own, choose three or four pairs from them to choose from.

Help Your Child Establish Good Wearing Habits

The best way to avoid breaking or losing your glasses is to always leave them on your face. Your child may be tempted to take their glasses off and leave them in places around the house. Stop them from forming this habit. If necessary, buy your child a strap that will keep their glasses on their head. If your child does take off their glasses, remind them to put their glasses back on ASAP.

Establish a Safe Space Where Glasses “Live”

Your child will need to take off their glasses at night. Have your child pick a place where the glasses will be kept when they’re not on your child’s face. Train your child to leave their glasses in this place, and only in this place.

Teach Your Child To Use Their Glasses Case

Hopefully your child’s eye doctor provided you with a case when you bought your child’s new pair of eyeglasses. Teach your child to use this glasses case any time they remove the glasses. If needed, buy your child an additional glasses case and send it to their school, so they’ll have a case there if it’s needed.

Have questions about how to help your child learn to take care of their glasses? Talk to your eye doctor in Portland, OR. Call Asterix today.

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