Back to School Tips for Children Who Wear Glasses

It’s back to school time! If your child wears glasses, then it may be time to get them to the eye doctor in Portland, OR. Making an eye appointment, getting their glasses updated or repaired and giving them the tools they need to keep their glasses safe are ways that you can help your child maintain clear, healthy vision this school year.

Make An Eye Appointment Before Going Back to School

If your child wears glasses, it’s a good idea to see the eye doctor on a regular basis. If it’s been a while since your child last saw the eye doctor, this is a good time to make an appointment.

Schedule an appointment for your child to see the eye doctor before going back to school. Your child’s eye doctor will be able to detect changes in your child’s vision. If there have been changes, the eye doctor will recommend new prescription lenses.

Getting new eyeglasses that match your child’s prescription will help your child see during class, which ultimately can help your child perform in academics and sports. Keep your child’s old glasses as a spare pair in case they lose them during the school year.

Check Your Current Glasses for Scratches, Loose Fit

Even if your child doesn’t need new glasses this school year, it’s still important to check your child’s glasses for scratches, loose fit and other damage. If your child’s glasses have a poor fit, they may need eyewear repair in Portland, OR. Getting your child’s glasses fixed before school starts again is important.

Keep An Extra Glasses Case On Hand

Your child needs a way to keep their glasses safe at school. Get your child an extra glasses case so they’ll have some protection at school in case they need to take off their glasses during an activity.

Protect Your Eyes During Sports

Do you need more information about how you can help your child have a clear, healthy vision this school year? Contact Asterix Eyewear today for answers to your eyeglasses questions.

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