5 Reasons to Get a Spare Pair of Glasses

Getting a spare pair of glasses may sound like an indulgence, but it’s not! Spare glasses are a convenience in many ways.

As youreye doctor in Portland, OR, we have a wide selection of eyeglasses, so you can always have a pair on hand when it’s needed. Getting a spare pair of glasses can help you stay safe and avoid inconvenience if your glasses are broken or lost. Here’s what to consider.

1. Keep a Spare Pair At Your Workplace

Maybe you spend most of your time at your workplace or elsewhere outside your home. Having a spare pair of glasses means you can keep one pair at home and another pair where you spend your time. Having a spare pair means having the convenience of storing glasses where you’re most likely to need them.

2. Never Without the Ability to Perform Important Tasks

If you lose your primary pair of glasses, you may be unable to drive or do important jobs that you need to do. Keeping a spare pair of glasses around means that you always have the ability to perform important tasks that require your glasses.

3. Ability to Mix and Match

Once you have multiple pairs of glasses, you can mix and match the glasses on your face with your outfits. Mixing and matching means that you can be more satisfied with your outfit. Having options feels good.

4. You Could Break Your Pair

Are you hard on your glasses? If so, another good reason to get a spare is that you could break your primary pair of glasses and may need backups until your glasses are fixed. Breaking your pair of glasses is terribly inconvenient unless you have a backup plan. With a spare pair, you can wait until it’s a better time to get your primary pair of glasses fixed.

5. Insurance Pays for One Pair Per Year

If you have vision insurance, there’s a good chance that your vision insurance will pay for one pair of glasses yearly. If you’re not taking advantage of this benefit, you’re leaving something you could otherwise take advantage of. Use your insurance to get a spare pair of glasses or a new primary pair.

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