Can I Put New Lenses Into Vintage Eye Glass Frames?

Do you have a pair of old glasses you simply love? Maybe you found them at an estate sale or in a consignment shop, and you love the way they frame your face. The problem is that you can see through the lenses. Because you need prescription eye glasses, vintage options like these won’t work. You’ll look great, but you’ll be unable to see in the process.

Luckily, in most cases, you can have new prescription lenses ground and shaped to fit old, vintage frames. All that’s required is a visit to your local eye professional.

How Do I Get New Lenses into Vintage Frames?

Ask your vision specialist about the possibility of using vintage frames to house your new prescription lenses. In most instances, it should not be a problem. There are, however, times when the procedure is not possible. Everything depends upon:

  • The condition of the vintage frames
  • Your prescription requirements
  • The curvature, size, and shape of the frames you’d like to use

If you choose frames that are in poor condition, that are too fragile to hold the lenses you need, or simply won’t work with your prescription, your vision professional will have a suitable solution.

What Do I Need to Bring With Me?

Bring the vintage frames you’d like to use to your vision appointment. Your eye doctor will perform an eye exam to determine your prescription. They will then be able to tell you whether the frames you’d like to use are compatible. If not, you’ll have many other frames from which to choose. If you would still like to use vintage frames, your vision specialist will be able to advise you on the correct shape and size of the ones you’ll need to provide.

Contact Asterix Eyewear Today

When you’re ready to put new lenses into vintage frames, contact Asterix Eyewear, in Portland, OR. Our fast and friendly eyewear specialists are professionals at solving eyeglass problems in the Portland area. Whether you need a simple vision checkup or something more, we’re waiting to help. Call today to schedule a consultation.


How to Protect Eyeglass Lenses From Scratches

Nothing’s worse than putting your eyeglasses on, only to discover that you’re looking straight into a scratch on your lens. Not only is this annoying; it’s also a little unsafe, especially if you’re driving or operating any kind of machinery. Clear vision is a necessity, which is why you got eyeglasses to begin with! Not mention that you won’t look well put together if your eyeglasses are all scratched up. Here are some tips from your eye doctor in Portland for protecting your lenses from scratches.

Opt For Scratch-Resistant Lenses

The first line of defense against scratches is scratch-resistant coating. When you first order your lenses, your eye doctor will give you this option, and you should definitely take them up on it. Scratch-resistant coating for eyeglasses is just a transparent coating that protects the actual lenses from scratches. It doesn’t affect your vision and it’s not visible to you or others. It’s affordable and well worth it!

Use Only Special Lens Cloths

You can buy specialty lens cleaning cloths at your eye doctor’s office in Portland, online and in many retail outlets. These come in washable and disposable styles, so you can take your pick. These cloths are made with special fibers that won’t scratch your eyeglass lenses. Make sure you only use these and don’t use anything else like:

  • Facial tissues
  • Toilet paper
  • Wash cloths
  • Kitchen tea towels
  • Paper towels
  • Your t-shirt

To ensure you always have a specialty lens cloth, buy extras and keep them where you are most likely to need them, like:

  • Pocket/purse
  • Nightstand
  • Gym/school locker
  • Tv room
  • Kitchen
  • Car
  • Golf cart
  • Bicycle bag
  • Backpack, etc.

Always Store in Eyeglass Case

If you’re like many people, you don’t wear your glasses 24/7. When you aren’t wearing them, always store them in your eyeglass case. The trick here is to own multiple eyeglass cases so you never have to hunt down the one case. Keep one in each room in your house, in your work desk, outside on the patio, in the car, etc. The more you have available, the easier it will be to protect your eyeglass lenses from scratches.

If your eyeglasses become unwearable due to scratches, bring them into the eye doctor for a possible repair. Contact us today for more information.


Difference Between Bifocals and Progressive Lenses

The older you get, the more your vision changes. Many people find that, as they age, they have difficulties seeing both far and near. This presents a problem as far as prescriptive eyewear. If the optometrist corrects for near vision, then you won’t be able to see items in the distance. If the optometrist corrects for far vision, then you won’t be able to see to read or do other close-up tasks. This is where bifocal lenses come in. Bifocal lenses have both near and far vision correction in a single lens. However, you also have the option to get progressive lenses, which also offer both near and far vision correction. So what’s the difference between bifocals and progressive lenses?

What Are Bifocals?

Bifocal lenses are divided into two different areas on the lens. In the past, you could clearly see the demarcation between the two areas with a visible line on the lens. In fact, you can still get bifocal lenses that have that line. Now, though, bifocal lenses without the line are available. These are called invisible bifocals. The idea behind bifocals is that you look straight ahead to see objects in the distance and look down to see items that are close to you. So in each instance, you are looking through the two different parts of the lens. This enables a person to have both near and far vision correction in one pair of eyeglasses.

What are Progressive Lenses?

To understand what progressive lenses are, think of them as multifocal lenses. Instead of having just two different regions on each lens, there are actually three areas with different vision correction. The three areas are near distance, far distance, and middle distance. The different areas on progressive lenses are invisible because there is no line of demarcation. However, if you could see how the lens is divided, it would resemble an hourglass.

Both bifocals and progressive lenses offer you the ability to see both near and far and one pair of eyeglasses. Bifocals and progressive lenses will both require you to become accustomed to the lenses. Once you do though, you will appreciate not having to switch between regular eyeglasses and reading glasses. Speak to your eye doctor about whether you are better suited for bifocals or progressive lenses.


3 Must-Knows About Eyeglass Frame Materials

You find out that you need eyeglasses, so you get sent to an optics center to pick frames from a sea of options. If you are like most, you will try on several pairs of frames to determine what looks best. However, there are a few things that should be considered about the materials the frames are made out of as well. Here are three must-knows about eyeglass frame materials.

1. Some materials have the potential to last a lifetime.

The typical life span of a pair of eyeglasses is usually somewhere around one to three years. However, some types of materials do have the potential to last far longer. Of course, it is common to have to get new prescription lenses, but if your frames are still in good shape, it can be less expensive to simply replace the lenses and not the frames. For example, a pair of metal frames can often far outlast a pair of plastic or resin frames; some may even last a lifetime with proper care.

2. Certain eyeglass frame materials are more about aesthetics than longevity.

Most people who have to wear glasses naturally want some type of frames that go well with their own individual style and personality. For this reason, the majority of frames out there to pick from are more about the aesthetic appearance of the glasses and not so much about the longevity of the material. However, it is possible to find a set of frames that offer a nice balance of both.

3. Some types of materials can be easily repaired and some cannot.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a pair of frames is some types of frame materials are easily repaired when they have issues and some will simply have to be replaced. For example, many of the plastic frames are harder to repair when they break, but most frameless frames and metal frames are easier to repair.

Find the Right Eyeglass Frames for You

Choosing the best eyeglasses does involve careful consideration of the frames and the material they are made out of. If you need help picking out quality frames, reach out to us at Asterix Eyewear for more information.

How Do Mail-In Eyeglass Repair Services Work?

You have a pair of eyeglasses that you paid a lot to get, but, unfortunately, the frames have been damaged and are no longer wearable. Even if you do not have a local place that offers eyeglasses repairs, you can find options available for mail-in repair services. How does this work? Here is a look at what you should know before getting started.

Find a Reliable Eyeglass Repair Center for Help

You can find many companies that offer mail-in repair services for your eyeglasses and sunglasses. However, not every one will be the same, and you should definitely find a company with a reputable reputation like Asterix. Any service provider you find should:

  • Have clear contact information available on their website
  • Have reasonable prices for repair services
  • Have skilled opticians performing the work on your glasses

In addition, the service provider should state that they use optimum lens materials and the latest technologies and techniques to make repairs.

Call the Service Provider to Discuss Your Needs

It is always best if you can give the service provider a call to discuss your glasses issue and whether or not it can be repaired. During this conversation, you may be asked questions about the age of the glasses and the type of problems that are present, as well as what type of frames you have. If there is a reason why your glasses cannot be repaired, you will be notified during the conversation so you don’t send your glasses in for no reason.

Fill Out Your Repair Request Form for Eyeglasses Repair

Most places are going to ask you to submit a repair request form when you mail in your glasses. This form will simply ask for your contact information and general questions about what you need to have done. Be as thorough as possible with your request, and double-check your information before mailing out your glasses to make sure everything is correct.

Contact Us About Mail-In Eyeglasses Repair

Your glasses are no doubt important to you, and you may have paid quite a bit to get them. Therefore, getting repairs instead of replacement is almost always desirable. If you have glasses that need repairs, reach out to us at Asterix Eyewear in Portland, OR about our mail-in repair services.


3 Ways Eyeglasses Can Change Your Appearance to Others

Your eyeglasses are easily a trademark thing about your appearance, but did you know that glasses can also give off impressions about who you are as a person. According to Psychology Today, Hollywood even uses glasses in film and TV to make an impression on audiences, and it really does work. Here is a look at some of the ideas on how glasses can change your appearance to others.

Full-rim glasses may make you appear more trustworthy.

Full-rim glasses attract people’s attention to your eyes, and some studies suggest that this alone can make you appear to be more trustworthy. Whether that is the case with everyone or not, full-rim glasses can be a major difference when compared to rimless glasses frame choices. These glasses tend to work best for people who have a desire to appear intelligent or attractive.

Rimless glasses may make your face less memorable.

Rimless glasses are a common choice among people who need glasses but are not all that comfortable having a pair that changes their appearance in any drastic way. However, research has also shown that people who wear rimless glasses may have less memorable faces. Of course, having a pronounced pair of frames that attracts attention is likely going to grab the attention of onlookers more than usual.

Glasses may make you appear more intelligent.

In general, people with glasses are often assumed to be more intelligent by the general population. Maybe it is because people associate glasses with people who read a lot of books or do a lot of studying or because noteworthy geniuses usually have glasses, but the connotation is there just the same. It is not uncommon for some people to get glasses with non-prescription lenses simply because they like the fact that the frames give them that “smart” appearance.

Let Us Help You Get the Right Glasses in Portland, OR

Overall, glasses can be a huge part of how you are perceived as a person. Therefore, it is imperative that you pick the best ones. Reach out to us at Asterix Eyewear in Portland, OR to find out how we can help you get the frames that suit your personality the best.

Metal-Framed Eyeglasses Repairs: Common FAQs

Being able to see clearly for a lot of Americans means getting eyeglasses to correct their vision, but buying glasses is not always cheap if you do not have health insurance that covers some of the cost. Opting for metal frames is a good decision since these frames tend to outlast plastic frames. However, these frames can also break. If you have a damaged pair of metal eyeglasses, it is a good idea to seek repairs.

Will the frames be weaker after they have been repaired?

In most cases, your repaired metal frames will be just as strong and resilient as they were the day you brought them home. Technicians use materials that are meant to strengthen the damaged area. For example, if you have a broken frame around a lens, welding material is used to correct the issue, and the end result is usually rather resilient.

Will you be able to see where the repair was made?

The eyeglass repair technician will go to great lengths to make sure the repairs done to your metal frames are not noticeable when the work is completed. For instance, if a small section has to be welded, the technician will use welding material the same metal alloy as the frames so the color is the same, and they will also use a small piece of sandpaper to smooth down the weld.

How do you know it is best to just get new frames?

Naturally, there are some types of damage that are difficult to repair. And, there are some situations when it is best to go ahead and get new frames. Some situations when metal frames may have to be replaced include:

  • If the frames have been stepped on, or they are severely misshapen
  • If the frames are missing sections after they have been broken
  • If the frames are showing signs of rust, discoloration, or corrosion

Contact Asterix in Portland for More Information About Eyeglasses Repairs

Buying new glasses every time your frames have a problem can become an expensive endeavor. It is always more logical and cost-efficient to have the glasses repaired if you can. If you have a damaged pair of metal frames, reach out to us at Asterix in Portland, OR to find out if we can help you out. Our skilled technicians have the necessary tools and experience to make general repairs.

How to Choose Attractive Frames For the Shape of Your Face

You might think that it will be easy to choose eyeglass frames. After all, eyeglass frames don’t need to perform any other function other than to help make you look attractive. But often, it can take a very long time to choose eyeglass frames out of the many selections in the eyewear office. When you’re ready to choose eyeglass frames; either four prescription lenses for sunglasses, here are some tips to choose attractive frames that will suit the shape of your face and help make you look attractive.

Determine the Shape of Your Face

Before heading to the eyewear store, figure out what the shape of your face is. You’ve been looking at your own face for years, but many people don’t even realize what shape their own faces. To determine the shape of your face, stand in front of the mirror. Pull your hair back away from your face. Use a lipstick, crayon or watercolor marker to drawing an outline of your face in the mirror. Follow the outline of your face all the way up to the hairline. Now stand back and look at the shape that you drew. The shape will be either a square, a circle or an oval. Now that you know the shape of your face, it’s time to head to the eyewear store and choose your eyeglass frames.

Bring a Friend

Sometimes it’s hard to look at yourself objectively and figure out if you really liked the look of a particular pair of eyeglass frames. It helps if you bring a friend along with you who will be honest with you about their opinion. That way, you have more than one opinion about the frames that you’re considering. You can also enlist the help of the staff. They are usually very good at giving their opinions on individual frames.

Choose Frames That Are The Opposite Of Your Face Shape

This is a trick that many fashion designers use. If you discover that you have a square face shape, then you should choose eyeglass frames that are rounded. If you have a round or oval face shape, you should choose eyeglass frames that are more square or rectangular.

These little tips one sure that you choose the most attractive frames for the shape of your face. As always, if you have any questions about your eyeglass frame options, please feel free to contact us.


3 Reasons DIY Eyeglasses Repair Is Often a Bad Idea

Most eyeglasses are far more resilient than people expect, but they can and do get broken. Your first inclination may be to grab a few tools and attempt repairs yourself if you lose a lens, break off a nose piece, or a screw goes missing, but sometimes, this is not the best idea. Take a look at some of the reasons you should trust eyeglasses repair to professionals.

The Tools for Eyeglasses Repairs Are Not Your Typical Tools

You can pick up small DIY eyeglasses repair kits just about anywhere that will contain things like tiny screwdrivers and wrenches. While these tools may help you tighten a loose screw or make general repairs, they are not quite the same as what a professional uses at an eyewear center. The truth is, it can be really hard to amass the collection of tools professionals have that are specifically designed to make eyeglass repairs.

You Could Cause Damages That Would Make Professional Repairs Impossible

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to avoid DIY eyeglasses repairs is the fact that even attempting repairs on your own could potentially damage your glasses more. For example, something like a broken bridge on a pair of plastic-frame glasses may look easy enough to glue together, but some types of glue are corrosive, which can make it even harder to repair the glasses if they break in the same place again.

It Can Be Difficult to Make Repairs That Are Not Visible

If you do manage to repair something on your eyeglasses, those repairs may be visible. Some types of metal frames can be welded back together if they break, but making these tiny amendments at home can leave you with an unsightly mark where you made the repairs. If you take your glasses to a professional, the repair work will be so good that you will likely not spot any differences.

You invest a lot in your eyeglasses, and you need them to correct your vision. Taking chances with them by trying to do DIY repairs may not be the best idea. If you have a pair of eyeglasses that need repairs or you would like a new pair of frames for lenses from a broken pair of glasses, reach out to our professionals at Asterix for information about how we can help.


3 Questions to Ask to Help Find the Best Eyeglass Styles for Your Face  

If you have to wear glasses to help correct your vision, the glasses become a part of your overall appearance. Therefore, picking the best frames to complement your face is important. Take a look at a few questions to help guide your shopping process when you need new glasses.

What is the shape of your face?

Heart-shaped, round, oval, and even square or all potential face shapes, and most people can pin down a particular shape by looking in the mirror. The shape of your face determines how glasses look on you perhaps more than anything else. There are some good rules to follow when it comes to facial shape and glasses, such as:

  • Oval faces work best with wide-set frames
  • Heart-shaped faces pair well with lightweight frames or rimless glasses
  • Square faces pull off narrow frames well
  • Round faces look good with wide-set frames and narrow lenses

How would you describe the shape of your eyes?

Glasses are going to make your eyes look more visible and noticeable than usual. Therefore, considering the size and shape of your eyes is a must when you get glasses. Large frames may work well for someone who has larger eyes, but they may actually make someone with small eyes look like their eyes are even smaller than they are. Remember, frames that have patterns and visual details can highlight the eyes as well, so if you have smaller eyes, these features can help bring them out and make them look a bit larger.

Do you consider the width of your face narrow, average, or wide?

Just as the shape of your face should determine what glasses will look the best, so will the width of your head. Those with a wider face and head tend to look best in glasses that have a more defined, wide-set shape, such as rectangular frames. Narrower faces can pull off more rounded frame shapes or glasses that have an angled shape.

Even though there are a few pointers to remember about picking the best glasses, of course, the final decision is all your own. For more advice about picking the best eyeglasses, reach out to Asterix Eyewear.