Where to Find Titanium Welding for Eyeglasses in Portland

If you have titanium eyeglasses, you typically won’t be able to repair them with traditional welding techniques. When heated, titanium is highly reactive to oxygen and nitrogen, leaving brittle, weakened surfaces behind. This can make it difficult to find an eyeglass repair shop in Portland, OR, especially if you have a pair of eyeglasses that are very well-loved.

If you’re interested in getting your frames repaired, we’ll look at ways to avoid these issues and why it’s so important to find a shop with experience in different types of metals.

How to Repair Titanium Glasses

The laser is the most common type of weld for titanium because it’s easier to focus the beam exactly where you need it. Titanium is a very good heat conductor, which makes it difficult to isolate one section based on where the repair is needed.

With a laser, you don’t need to use high heat, which makes it easier to keep both the finish and the coating of the glasses. Plus, there’s less chance that the surrounding metal will become too hot and ruin the frames. Laser welds are also strong and practically invisible, leading to long-lasting results that won’t clash with your outfit.

Soldering Vs. Lasers

Soldering is generally too hot for titanium welds and leads to a weaker bond than laser bonds. Knowing the basics of this common metal is important because frames are often fragile enough that you don’t want to take any chances.

Find Eyeglass Repairs in Portland, OR

The staff at Asterix is used to working with people who love their eyewear in Portland, OR. There are frames out there that they don’t make anymore, frames that people have made part of their signature style for years. It’s equally important to us as it is to our customers to preserve glasses whenever possible. If you’re interested in fixing your frames with titanium welding, contact us today to learn more about what we can do.

Here, we do a full assessment before making any recommendations. At Asterix, we pride ourselves on investing in the equipment and the professional expertise

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