3 Advantages of Titanium Welds

If you’re thinking of titanium welds as your eyeglass frame, you should know how it stacks up against standard plastic or metal. We’ll look at three advantages of this material and what you should know about taking care of these types of glasses.

They’re Lightweight

It’s not uncommon for people with glasses to say that they don’t even know when they’re wearing them. This is partially because they’re so accustomed to putting them on and wearing them day in and day out, but it can also have to do with the actual weight of the frames. The lighter they are, the easier they wear. If you want the lightest possible glasses, opt for pure titanium glasses in Portland, OR rather than an alloy, as the addition of other metals will make these glasses slightly heavier.

They’re Durable

Every person who wears glasses has their own habits in terms of how they treat these accessories. Few doctors are interested in whether you roughly pull them on and off or don’t always pack them neatly in a bulletproof case. Titanium is exceptionally tough, though, which means that if you’re not always careful, it can end up costing a lot less than frames you have to replace constantly.

They Stay in Place

If you’re used to pushing your glasses up throughout the day, titanium welds are a great solution. This benefit goes hand-in-hand with the durability of the material, but it’s an important distinction. Even if they bend, they can return to place. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing your vision if you’re chopping veggies or looking down at your radio while driving.

Eyeglass Repair in Portland

Titanium weld glasses are an excellent choice for anyone looking for solid eyeglass frames. However, if you need titanium glass repairs in Portland, OR, it needs to be done by the pros. If the eyeglass technician doesn’t have the tools they need, it can end up ruining the frames. At Asterix eyewear, we do a full assessment of your frames, and we have all of the equipment necessary to perform even the most complex of repairs. Whether you want to save some money on new frames or have a special attachment to them, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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