3 Questions to Ask to Help Find the Best Eyeglass Styles for Your Face  

Choosing an eyeglass frame is sometimes a lot harder than it sounds. With so many styles out there, there’s a lot of room for something to go wrong in the selection process. (Plus, it doesn’t help that sometimes things look great when tried on for a minute at the store, only to sour when you wear them for more than a week.) We’ll look at three questions to ask if you’re looking for frames in Portland, OR that fit the shape of your face as well as your personal sense of fashion.

1. What’s My Face Shape?

Oval faces can sometimes be confused with round shapes, and some people might wonder if they have a hybrid of square and heart-shapes. If you’re working with the right staff, they should be able to give you a clearer picture of what your cheekbones, jawline, width, and length mean for choosing the right pair of frames.

2. What Flatters My Face?

This isn’t an intuitive question as it depends on the shape of your face. In some cases, you’ll choose the opposite shape (e.g.,square glasses for round faces, and round glasses for square faces). With heart-shaped faces, you’ll want to find a shape that copies the shape of your face. Every frame will highlight the angles and contours of the bones in your face. The trick is to do so in a way that complements one another.

3. How Can I Find the Best Selection in Portland?

There are any number of stores that sell eyeglasses in Portland, OR, including major national retailers. However, sometimes it’s better to work with an office that puts a little more effort into not only the types of frames they supply, but also the time it takes to find the right style. Unlike your clothing, you might wear your glasses every day of your life. This alone is worth being picky when it comes to what you put on your face. If you want to feel better about yourself every time you look in the mirror, Aterix is here to give you all the advice you need. We are the premier experts if you want stylish frames in Stumptown.


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