A Look at Why Buying name-Brand Eyeglass Frames Does Matter

Picking the right frames in Portland, OR is an exceptionally important feat. While many people will gravitate toward cheaper frame styles that are not made by a well-known brand, buying name-brand frames can be a good decision. Take a look at a few reasons you may want to consider investing a little more for a set of name-brand eyeglass frames.

Get Warranties That Protect Against Material Defects

Eyeglasses can be costly if you have to replace them frequently. However, buying name-brand glasses may mean the frame materials are covered by a warranty. The top manufacturers of eyeglass frames tend to offer good warranties that cover defects in their products. This means if something goes wrong with the materials or mechanical components of your frames within a certain amount of time, you may be eligible for a free replacement.

A few defects that could potentially be covered under warranty include:

  • Dysfunctional hinges
  • Broken frames or arms
  • Broken nose pad mounts

Ensure You Are Getting a High-Quality Pair of Glasses

While you may pay a little more for a top-brand pair of glasses, you are actually paying for better quality. Name-brand eyeglass frames are most often manufactured with high-grade materials. For example, the mechanical hinges may be made of stronger materials like titanium versus steel, which can be more durable.

Other signs of high-quality to expect from top-brand eyeglasses include:

  • Flawless material finishes with no clouds, scratches, or flaws
  • High-quality rivets and fasteners
  • Brand name etched or engraved onto the frames

Pick from Among the Most In-Demand Styles

Eyeglass manufacturers all offer a number of styles to make sure patients find a pair of glasses they like. However, if you prefer to stick with eyeglass frame styles that are more in-demand or stylish, be sure to look at models offered by top brands. The best brands pay careful attention to trending styles to make sure they offer the latest options to patients.

Find Your Perfect Glasses in Portland, OR

Are you ready to find the perfect pair of prescription frames in Portland, OR? Be sure to stop in and see us at Asterix Eyewear. Our optical center offers one of the most robust selections of frames, including the top brands.


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