4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your New Eyeglasses

It’s hard to choose new eye glasses in Portland, OR! Especially if your eye doctor offers many choices, you might find many pairs of glasses that you like. Knowing what factors to consider when trying to decide which glasses are right for you can help you choose glasses that you’ll love.

One thing to remember when you’re trying to choose glasses: it’s important to take your time. Exploring the many options at the eye doctor can help you make an informed decision.

1. Color

The color you choose for your new eyeglasses is important! When you’re trying to choose the color for specs, consider the settings in which you’ll be using your eye glasses, and what else you might be wearing with your glasses on. People who need to wear their glasses in a professional setting often choose neutral colors like black or brown for their eye glasses.

If you go to school or don’t have a full-time professional job, you might enjoy wearing eye glasses that are a brighter color.

2. Material

Glasses can be made from metal or plastic. Plastic glasses provide a thicker, more visible frame. These eye glasses are often heavier. Metal eye glasses are thinner, understated and often a lighter weight.

3. Personality

Do the eye glasses match your personality? Remember that your glasses are a part of your appearance, so it’s important to find eye glasses that seem to match your personality. It may be that striped glasses express who you are, or that you feel most comfortable in frameless glasses that are barely noticeable. Find what seems right to you!

4. Size

Eye glasses need to be fitted properly for your face. If the glasses are too big, your face may seem to be swimming behind your glasses. If the glasses are too small, they could give the appearance that you have a larger face than you really do! Work with your eye glasses professional in Portland, OR to ensure that the glasses you choose are properly sized, just for you.

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