What Is Lens Coating Removal?

Anti-glare coatings are nice additions to your eyeglasses because they make it easier to see in bright sunlight. But if these coatings become scratched, they become more of a detriment than an advantage, and there are only two ways to resolve the issue. You can replace your lenses, which may be costly and inconvenient. Or, you can have the coating safely removed, which will make your lenses feel like they’re new again. Ask your optician in Portland, OR, about the advantages of lens coating removal.

Do I Need Lens Coating Removal?

There are several signs your eyeglasses could benefit from having an old coating removed:

  • They always seem like they need to be cleaned.
  • Even after cleaning, they still appear dirty.
  • Scratches and imperfections on the lenses constantly distract you.

If you’ve tried repeatedly to clean dirt and debris from your lenses without luck, having the coating removed is probably the best solution.

Is It Difficult to Remove a Lens Coating?

Removing an anti-glare coating is relatively easy, but it should only be performed by professionals. Otherwise, you risk ruining your lenses or frames altogether. And replacing your eyeglasses is usually much more expensive than having a damaged coating taken off.

When you’re ready to fix those scratches that seem permanent, schedule an appointment with your eyeglasses specialist to have old coatings removed. This can usually be done in a single day, meaning you’ll have your glasses back within a convenient timeframe. Your specialist will use chemicals to cause the coating to release from the lens, leaving behind eyeglasses that look and feel new again. Better, once old coatings have been removed, a new coating can be applied to protect your lenses until you’re ready to purchase new eyeglasses.

Call Asterix Eyewear Today

Asterix Eyewear can easily remove old, damaged coatings from your pricey eyeglasses, saving you money in the process. Call us today for lens coating removal in Portland, OR, and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals. We’ll gladly answer all your questions regarding the lens coating removal process, and we’ll get your glasses back to you quickly and in better condition than they were initially. Call today for more information.

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