Why Portland Residents Also Need Sunglasses in Winter

The city of Portland, OR, kicks off its summer season with a civic festival that lasts for several weeks. Now in its 113th year, Portland’s Rose Festival celebrates everything about Portland, including its characteristic gloomy weather during the majority of the year. Portland gets rain clouds, fog, ice, and even snow, which causes many residents to put away their sunglasses with the rest of their summer gear when the time comes. However, wearing sunglasses on a year-round basis is a smart strategy for those seeking to maintain optimal eye health. Here’s why you should keep those sunglasses handy in Portland no matter what the time of year.

The Sun’s Ray Are Still Strong in Winter

Even though it’s not nearly as bright during the daytime in the winter as it is in the summer, that doesn’t mean the sun’s UV rays can’t wreak havoc on your eyes and skin. Even if you don’t see much of the sun during winter doesn’t mean you should leave your sunglasses at home when you go somewhere — up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays come through clouds.

UV rays also reflect off of wet surfaces, including puddles and even sidewalks if precipitation levels are high, and puddles are extremely commonplace in Portland. As an added bonus, a good pair of sunglasses provides a protective layer between your eyes and potentially damaging elements of urban living such as vehicle emissions and tiny flying pebbles.

Portlanders Spend a Lot of Time Outdoors

Portland residents don’t let a little gloom and rain stop them from enjoying their favorite outdoor activities, even if that’s just walking or biking to work. Winter temperatures are rarely so low that they keep people indoors for any length of time, and it’s possible to take a long walk in Forest Park even during the middle of January. Even though Portland only gets a few snow days every year, it’s within easy driving distance of some of the best downhill and cross-country skiing on the West Coast, and you’ll definitely need to wear sunglasses when you’re enjoying a day on the slopes.

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