How Do Mail-In Eyeglass Repair Services Work?

You have a pair of eyeglasses that you paid a lot to get, but, unfortunately, the frames have been damaged and are no longer wearable. Even if you do not have a local place that offers eyeglasses repairs, you can find options available for mail-in repair services. How does this work? Here is a look at what you should know before getting started.

Find a Reliable Eyeglass Repair Center for Help

You can find many companies that offer mail-in repair services for your eyeglasses and sunglasses. However, not every one will be the same, and you should definitely find a company with a reputable reputation like Asterix. Any service provider you find should:

  • Have clear contact information available on their website
  • Have reasonable prices for repair services
  • Have skilled opticians performing the work on your glasses

In addition, the service provider should state that they use optimum lens materials and the latest technologies and techniques to make repairs.

Call the Service Provider to Discuss Your Needs

It is always best if you can give the service provider a call to discuss your glasses issue and whether or not it can be repaired. During this conversation, you may be asked questions about the age of the glasses and the type of problems that are present, as well as what type of frames you have. If there is a reason why your glasses cannot be repaired, you will be notified during the conversation so you don’t send your glasses in for no reason.

Fill Out Your Repair Request Form for Eyeglasses Repair

Most places are going to ask you to submit a repair request form when you mail in your glasses. This form will simply ask for your contact information and general questions about what you need to have done. Be as thorough as possible with your request, and double-check your information before mailing out your glasses to make sure everything is correct.

Contact Us About Mail-In Eyeglasses Repair

Your glasses are no doubt important to you, and you may have paid quite a bit to get them. Therefore, getting repairs instead of replacement is almost always desirable. If you have glasses that need repairs, reach out to us at Asterix Eyewear in Portland, OR about our mail-in repair services.


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