7 Tips For Keeping Eyeglasses in Good Condition

A great pair of eyeglasses can make you feel attractive and capable. Once you find a quality pair, it only makes sense that you’d want them to last as long as possible. Here are seven tips for keeping eyeglasses in good condition.

1. Rinse Glasses Before Wiping

Rinse your eyeglasses under running water before you wipe them off. When you try to wipe a dry lens, you can inadvertently scrape them with microscopic particles of dust that are sitting on top of the eyeglass lenses.

2. Avoid Household Cleaners

Try not to use any chemicals to clean your eyeglasses. Even seemingly innocuous household cleaners such as Windex can actually eat away at the delicate lens coating over time.

3. Use a Special Lens Cloth

Avoid using materials such as napkins, tissues or paper towels on your eyeglasses. These materials are typically textured and can easily cause abrasions on your eyeglass lenses. Similarly, don’t use the tail of a T-shirt. Evening you’re wearing a cotton T-shirt, microscopic dust particles can adhere to the T-shirt and cause scratches on your eyeglasses. Special lens cloths are available at department stores and at your eye doctor’s office.

4. Always Store Eyeglasses in a Case

When you aren’t wearing your eyeglasses, always store them in an eyeglass case. This will avoid them getting scratches and even worse, someone accidentally knocking them off a table.

5. Don’t Set Glasses Down Beside You

When you remove your eyeglasses for just a minute or two, don’t put them on the seat next to you where someone could sit on them accidentally. Instead, place them in your shirt pocket or on the table next to you until you put them on again.

6. Don’t Try to Fix Eyeglasses Yourself

If your eyeglasses need to be repaired or adjusted, bring them to your eye doctor in Portland. Otherwise, you risk damaging the frame, lenses or both.

7. Get Lenses Replaced

If you love your eyeglasses, you can keep them even if you need a new prescription. Just bring in the frames and your Portland eye doctor can fit the frames with updated lenses.

These tips will help you to ensure that your eyeglasses last as long as possible. To book an appointment for an eyeglasses prescription now, please contact us.

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