3 Must-Knows About Eyeglass Frame Materials

You find out that you need eyeglasses, so you get sent to an optics center to pick frames from a sea of options. If you are like most, you will try on several pairs of frames to determine what looks best. However, there are a few things that should be considered about the materials the frames are made out of as well. Here are three must-knows about eyeglass frame materials.

1. Some materials have the potential to last a lifetime.

The typical life span of a pair of eyeglasses is usually somewhere around one to three years. However, some types of materials do have the potential to last far longer. Of course, it is common to have to get new prescription lenses, but if your frames are still in good shape, it can be less expensive to simply replace the lenses and not the frames. For example, a pair of metal frames can often far outlast a pair of plastic or resin frames; some may even last a lifetime with proper care.

2. Certain eyeglass frame materials are more about aesthetics than longevity.

Most people who have to wear glasses naturally want some type of frames that go well with their own individual style and personality. For this reason, the majority of frames out there to pick from are more about the aesthetic appearance of the glasses and not so much about the longevity of the material. However, it is possible to find a set of frames that offer a nice balance of both.

3. Some types of materials can be easily repaired and some cannot.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a pair of frames is some types of frame materials are easily repaired when they have issues and some will simply have to be replaced. For example, many of the plastic frames are harder to repair when they break, but most frameless frames and metal frames are easier to repair.

Find the Right Eyeglass Frames for You

Choosing the best eyeglasses does involve careful consideration of the frames and the material they are made out of. If you need help picking out quality frames, reach out to us at Asterix Eyewear for more information.

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