What Are The Latest Trends in Eyewear?

When you wear a pair of eyeglasses in Portland, OR, they can say plenty about your personality, not to mention have you looking great as well. If you’re like most people, you of course want to be wearing glasses that are part of the latest trends. As 2023 approaches, here are some of the latest trends in eyewear.

Retro Frames and Lenses

In 2023, what was old will be new and trendy once again. Retro frames from the 1960s and 1970s, both square and large round frames, will be extremely popular. Also look for tinted lenses in all types of colors, which of course was a classic ’60s look.

Computer Glasses

In the upcoming year, you can expect more and more people to have glasses that they wear out to social events and ones they wear only to work or when doing work on a computer. Thus, computer glasses with lenses that can block blue light will be very popular, especially with teens and young adults who spend lots of time staring at computer screens or smartphones.

Cat-Eye Glasses

A frame shape that has always been timeless and trendy, cat-eye glasses will make quite a comeback in 2023. Very popular because their frame shape is able to fit virtually any face shape and flatter it in numerous ways, cat-eye glasses can give you an aura of mystery that will make everyone want to get to know you better.

Clear and Wire Frames

Many people who wear glasses want to look as if they are not. Thus, clear and wire frames will be trendy in 2023. Very complimentary to face shapes and complexions, look for clear frames as well as wire frames that have a light golden or metallic color to be big hits.

Eco-friendly Eyeglasses

Finally, eyeglass frames in Portland, OR that are made using recycled or other types of bio-materials will be wildly popular in 2023. Just as stylish as other types of glasses, eco-friendly glasses will be big with the younger generation who wants to help protect their planet.

No matter which of these trends most appeals to you, you’re sure to start out 2023 as an eyewear trendsetter who will garner plenty of attention. Contact us for more information.

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