Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Many people may likely encounter temporary dry eyes at some point in their lives. This could happen occasionally for relatively innocuous reasons like dehydration, taking specific prescription medications, or wearing contacts for too many straight hours in a row. In these situations, making the required modifications can be all that’s required to restore the eyes’ normal level of hydration. Even switching to wearing eyeglasses in Portland, OR can help with this kind of situation.

Defining Dry Eye Syndrome

Chronic dry eyes is a very different kind of dry eye condition. This is a very serious condition that is unlikely to get better on its own. Age, illness, complications from laser eye surgery, an anatomical defect of the eyelid, and malformations or injuries to the tear glands can all contribute to chronic dry eyes. Keep in mind that although it’s often called “dry eye syndrome,” dry eyes might affect one or both eyes.

What are the Symptoms of Dry Eyes?

Dry eye symptoms are difficult to ignore. In some extreme cases, it can be difficult to even keep the eyes open due to the level of discomfort that dry eyes create.

Symptoms of dry eyes can vary from individual to individual. Some of the most common signs of dry eyes are:

  • feeling like your eyes are irritated
  • high level of discomfort when trying to wear contact lenses
  • burning sensation
  • feeling of sandy grit in the eyes
  • inability to produce tears
  • persistent red eyes
  • chronic rubbing of the eyes to relieve discomfort
  • constantly feeling the need to use eye drops

Many people with dry eyes aren’t even aware that they have it. Nearly 5 million Americans suffer from dry eyes. Just over 1.5 million of the victims are men, with women making up the majority. You should speak with your eye doctor if you think you might have dry eyes. Dry eyes have the potential to do more harm than just be uncomfortable. Infections in the eyes, surface damage to the eyes, and a lower quality of life can all result from this condition.

Without proper treatment, dry eyes can even lead to loss of vision. If you are seeking prescription eyewear in Portland, OR because contact lenses have proven to be too uncomfortable, you may also want to seek the help of a licensed eye doctor. Don’t simply ignore the symptoms of dry eyes. Treatment is available and the condition can be alleviated with professional help.

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