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Titanium Welds

Titanium eyeglasses have to be repaired using special tools and equipment in order for a solid, durable fix. At Asterix eyewear we have several options for titanium eyeglass repairs that we use not just one like other repair shops. One we receive your glasses we do a full assessment and decide what the best option for repairing your frames are before just jumping in to see what works.

Other Metal Frame Repairs
  • Bridge welds
  • Pad arm welds
  • Eyewire or Flashing barrel welds
  • Flashing hinge welds
  • Bridge replacements
  • Eyewire welds
  • Stainless steel frame welds
  • Flexon frame welds

Eyeglass Lens Replacement and Rx updating

We can make new lenses for your eyeglasses, maybe you have a new prescription and want to keep your current eyeglass frames or maybe turn your old glasses into sunglasses. We can make you high quality lenses for your existing frame you don't have to buy a new frame, even if it's a rimless frame. Bring in or mail in your frame and we will put new lenses in and have you back in the frames you love in no time.


Plastic Eyeglass frame Repairs

We can mold plastic eyeglass frames back together using a variety of mastered techniques, our goal is to minimize visability of the break and maintain strength in the all our eyeglasses repaired.

Some of our Plastic Eyeglass Frame Repairs:
  • Hidden hinge installations (all types)
  • Riveted hinges (all types)
  • Add Titanium Adjustable Nose Pads
  • Heat sinkable bridges
  • Nose Bridge Pin Bonds
  • Eyewire Pin Bonds
  • Metal pad arm installations
  • Temple replacements

Part Replacements

Be it plastic or metal with or without spring hinges, many times eyeglass temples, frames, and nosebridges can be repaired. If not we can replace them.

Drill Mount Rimless Frames
  • Silhouette Eyeglass frame replacements
  • Marchon frame replacements
  • Cracked lens replacemet
  • Rimless Drill Mount bushing replacements
  • Rimless Drill Mount Frame welds
  • Drill mount Lens replacement or Rx Change.

Vintage eyeglass repair and restoration: metal or plastic

We specalize in repairing vintage eyeglass frames as well as replacing lenses in them. We take care of your old frames. We enjoy seeing them come back to life in our hands! We can also Rx Vintage eyeglass frames at our local lab in Portland, OR.

Don't trust just anybody to put Prescription lenses in your vintage eyeglass frames, we work with vintage frames everyday and know how to handle vintage eyeglasses during the process of changeing and upgrading the lenses.

Other Glasses Repairs:
  • Drill and Tap screw repairs
  • Semi-Rimless figure eight replacements
  • Semi-Rimless monofiliment replacements

AR Removal and Lens Coating Removal

This removes deteriorating coatings that impair you from seeing out of your eyeglass lenses clearly. This is the the only option for lens scratch repair other then replacing the lens which we can do as well. there is no real way to repair scratched eyeglasses without distorting the prescription.


Temple Repairs on Eyeglasses:

  • Thousands of temples in stock for all styles of eyeglasses
  • Temple hinge welds
  • Spring hinge repairs
  • Add Cable temples
  • Lengthen or shorten temples
  • Re-attach cables
  • Riveted hinge repairs
  • Temple covers

Note: there is a 90-day warranty on all eyeglass frame repairs.